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Fibonacci: Mathematics, the Fine Arts and the Cold Glass Art

by rickpetko9179

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One of the principles that inspires cold glass artist, Jack Storms, is the mathematical theories of Fibonacci (c1170 - c1250) Two of his alternative names, Leonardo Pisano Bigollo and Leonard of Pisa, is derived from his birthplace, Pisa, Italy. This famous mathematician wrote his first book, Liber Abaci (The Book of Calculation), in 1202. This initial work was to have a profound effect on the arts and sciences of his time and beyond. Not only did it introduce the Roman numeral system, it also was to influence the practical applications of mathematics in other areas. In particular, Fibonacci created a system revealing the operation of numbers in nature.


Artists and nature have always had an ambivalent relationship. For a glass sculptor, nature provides the subject matter for their fine art. Nature is also the source, or resource, for the raw materials necessary to create glass designs . For every art in glass creation, nature plays a role one way or another.


Someglass art designs are able to fuse the essential mathematics required of working in the complex but frail medium with the natural math principles of Fibonacci. Cold glass artist, Jack Storm applies the theory, combining it with inspiration he draws from deep within. The result – glass designs that recreate – not manufacture - the beauty of nature in the very core of each lead crystal piece of work.


As a sculpture artist, Storms’ work in this most fluid and transparent field of the fine arts is unique. Although glass designs are currently being produced artistically in various small shops, as well as being commercially manufactured, each artist translates their glass designs in different ways. Moreover, the difference extends to method. While many work with hot glass and may blow or mould their work to their satisfaction, Storms preference is for a rarer choice. He does only cold work.


Cold glass art is not a new concept. In 2,500 BC, the earliest glass objects were the result of cold working glass. This art technique is particularly demanding, taking a physical toll from the human body. In the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, many Northern European countries bucked the then current trend and utilized this particular style. The contemporary artemerging from such glass designs and methods involved certain techniques of cutting, engraving, sand blasting, etching and enameling.. At the forefront were Czechoslovakians as Josef Drahonovský (1877-1938) and Jaroslav Horec (1886-1983) and the German William von Eiff (1890-1943).


Today, in the United States, Jack Storms, a sculpture artist, is one of a very few who not only work in this difficult medium but also actually excel in it. The work appearing in the glass gallery in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, is as captivating and excellent as those in the glass gallery in Hawaii or California. Any sculpture by Jack Storms is a brilliantly executed piece of contemporary art.


If you are wondering how to commission art by this talented glass sculptor, you can contact him at his Be forewarned, however, each piece takes a minimum of six weeks to complete. Moreover, the demand for his work has resulted in a lengthy waiting list.




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