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Hair Transplantation offers a permanent solution to baldness. Over time there has been a constant improvement in the procedure, technique and outcome of the whole process and now it can be said that Hair Transplantation is at its Best.

The Transplanted Hair from the donor area to the receipent area is a single or two consecutive day procedure depending upon the number of the grafts to be implanted over the transplanted area. Maximum upto 3500 hair grafts can be transplanted in a single day session.


After Transplantation, the transplanted hair follicles go into the RESTING PHASE which lasts upto 3 months and during this phase may be upto 40-70 percent of the transplanted hair follicles may go into this phase. So by the end of third month it may give a pretransplanted look over the transplanted areas and it may be depressing to some. But the good thing is that there is a sudden spurt of the hair growth after the third month and the scalp is covered with the transplanted hair by six months. The growth of the transplanted hair does not stop here but the density, texture and the looks continue to grow and by the end of one year post-transplantation the final outcome comes.

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