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Boost Bathroom Safety via Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

by alanageikie

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Approximately 640 patients find themselves in emergency rooms daily because of bathroom-related accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "What was interesting in this study was that even though injury rates were lower in younger people, people of all ages fell in the shower or tub," says Judy Stevens, the person in charge of the study and a national authority on epidemiology. To avoid becoming another statistic yourself, a bit of bathroom reconstruction may sometimes be necessary.

Specialists say the bathroom is an accident risk waiting to happen as a result of its wet, smooth surfaces; how folks are often rushing to reach the bathroom; and the temperature in the room, which can expand peripheral veins and decrease blood pressure, making individuals vulnerable to heat and become lightheaded. These frequently result in slips and falls that mainly occur while getting in and out of the shower. Many are blessed with luck and receive only cuts, scrapes, and bruises, while less lucky ones end up with
traumatic blows to the head or even die following a severe head injury.

You would naturally wish to keep your family well away from any harm. So in case your bathroom flooring has become steadily hazardous, the time has come to replace it. Even a little humidity from a warm shower could induce floors to become perilous. Aged and structurally compromised floors are even more slippery because they tend to be less resistant to damp conditions.

Fortunately, you can opt for many bathroom flooring options that let you enjoy unique advantages. In the event that you're experiencing a difficult time choosing, you can restrict your search by homing in on safety elements. Mosaic tiles, for example, are well worth considering.

Hexagon mosaic tiles, above anything else, enable homeowners to approximate an one-of-a-kind glaze and flair to their bathrooms without jeopardizing safety. They consist of glass or stone, and are sold in numerous colors to meet everyone's aesthetic sensibilities. Stone is regarded highly for its unmatched durability; furthermore, stone floors are water-resistant and don't require frequent maintenance. These features make stone the perfect bathroom flooring material.

Bathroom improvement doesn't often entail changing or switching out something in the room; as a matter of fact, minimal additions can be called remodeling, too. When you're done picking a hexagon mosaic floor tile, find bath rugs to diminish the possibilities of slips or falls.

Homeowners should also treat bathroom safety and servicing as a duty; after all, human life, unlike defective fixtures or tiles, are irreplaceable. Go to for advice on picking the sort of hexagon tiles bathroom remodeling specialists endorse in addition to expert comments on home improvement projects.

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