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Escorts in outfits are just so sensual

by richards446

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Whilst many have varying opinions when it comes to what they find attractive in a mate, there are some things that seem to be universal across all platforms when it comes to attractiveness in the opposite sex. A beautiful smile never fails to draw admirers, a perfect set of peepers warrants incredible pick up lines, ‘I could drown in your eyes’ and a well-dressed partner is enough to get us hot under the collar. But more specifically when it comes to dressing the part for a date, perhaps when you’re with a companion, there seems to be an increased demand for an escort in outfit you’ve always dreamed of: perhaps even uniforms. We love the things that can be changed at the drop of a hat. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not as shallow as you think and actually take people’s personalities to heart, but these, if not set with yours, can make things uncomfortable. But the right pair of suspenders on the other hand...


Although it’s not as well known as other dating sites, one particular company has cottoned onto the thrill of dating those that have the uniform thing going on. And we couldn’t keep going on about it without telling you exactly what it is. is just that, leading with the tagline ‘Online dating for anyone who works in uniform or fancies those that do’. Whilst it doesn’t specify what counts as uniform, we can’t imagine they’re all as popular as others. For example, we’re confident that the fireman’s get-up is ever so slightly more in demand than a dinnerladies’ tabard. That’s not to say they’re not an excitable and attractive worker, but it’s not one of the more common ones. In fact, we can only really think fireman for men and secretary for women.


Of course, if you had someone that was willing to dress up in outfits that weren’t strictly her profession, you’d have found someone you really shouldn’t let go. For example, we’re sure that the chances of meeting with escorts in outfits are pretty high. And whilst they may have a French Maid’s costume, a Superwoman cape and the like, they don’t actually work as these. But when they look bloody gorgeous wearing them, it probably doesn’t matter. There are some people that can pull of anything, and a couple of people have commented on the fact that certain ‘quirky’ people can wear things a lot better. We believe, as with everything else in life, it’s all about confidence. The most common outfit escorts appear in cannot be pinpointed, there’s a lot to be said about privacy. But we’re confident they’d look simply stunning in anything they wear.


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