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Common Vision Problems And Methods To Correct It

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The world is full of wonders. When the nature soothes us with its magnificence and splendor in one side, humans are building up miracles with technology. Just imagine how worse it would have been if you didn't have your eyes to see all this.

A clear vision is one of the greatest blessings that you can get in your life. But unfortunately it is said that 4 among 10 people have vision problems. The technology has developed so much that you can resolve most impaired visions today. With the help of contact lenses you can correct your vision without spoiling the beauty of your eyes. A good Optometrist in Jacksonville FL can guide you to get the best lenses.

Astigmatism is a common kind of eye disorder. This happens due to an irregular curvature of the cornea. It is a complete blurring or distortion of the vision. Whether the object is kept close or far way, it seems like an impression in wavy water for an astigmatic eye. Astigmatism can be easily corrected using toric contact lenses. Toric contact lenses are bi focal contact lenses. An additional power element known as cylinder is also used with the toric lenses.

Myopia is commonly known as near sightedness. If your are able to view nearby objects clearly but find difficulty in viewing a far away object, then you are myopic. This eye distortion is mainly detected in the age of 8-14. Myopia occurs due to the defocussing in retina. Usually the light rays fall exactly somewhere in the retina, but in a myopic eye the light ray's falls in front of the retina, causing a blurred vision of distant objects. Meet Optometrist in Jacksonville FL, to get the apt corrective glasses.

This is just the opposite of myopia. It is a situation in which you are able to clearly see far way things but the vision seems to be blurred when things are held close to the eyes. This mainly happens when the eye ball is too short. Rarely farsightedness happens due to too little curvature of the cornea also.

This is corrected by inserting a convex contact lens. A convex contact lens bends the light rays' sharply so as to bring the right focus to the retina.

Presbyopia is a loss of near vision happening with aging. This occurs mainly in the early 40s. As years pass, the elasticity of the eyes decreases. It is the crystalline lenses that adjust the amount of light falling in the retina to correct the focus. When you get aged, the lens become stiffer. That is the eyes losses ability to quickly shift the focus. As a result you will feel more strain in doing close work like, sewing, painting etc.

This can be treated using bifocal contact lenses. If at all you face any distortions with vision. Go meet your nearest ophthalmologist and start exploring the magnificence of the world without compromising the clarity of vision.

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