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Health-Related Effects of Over-Chlorinated Water

by cathynewman

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Most Illinois homeowners who have pools in their backyard will know that chlorine treatment is an integral part of any pool maintenance regimen. However, improper use of chlorine in the pool can result to several health problems in those who swim in it. This is why it is important that you learn what you can about chlorine treatment before doing it or to simply hire a professional to maintain the pool for you.

Chlorine is used in swimming pools because it prevents the spread of diseases through the water. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), chlorine levels shouldn’t go beyond three parts per million. Anything beyond that is hazardous to people’s health.

If you’ve ever opened your eyes while underwater in a swimming pool, then you’re aware of the stinging sensation that you get. Imagine that, but a few times worse. That’s what happens to the eyes when the water is over-chlorinated. Over-chlorinated water, when swallowed or inhaled, also results in a burning feeling in the throat or nasal passages. This is because chlorine is a toxic substance in large doses.

There are people who are allergic to chlorine and shouldn’t come in contact with it because they get rashes and other side effects. However, over-chlorinated pool water will have relatively the same effects even on people who aren’t allergic to chlorine. A pool maintenance expert would tell you that water in the pool should always be at a pH level of seven; anything more than that will have negative effects on the skin.

Remember that sterile smell that you notice whenever you’re near swimming pools? That’s the smell of chlorine, and too much of it can result to severe lung irritation. Experts in pool maintenance Highland Park has, for example, would also tell you that chlorine in improperly maintained pools will react with biological substances such as blood or fecal matter to create very dangerous chemicals.

Chlorine cleans the water, so the more chlorine you pour, the cleaner the water, right? Wrong. If the pH level of the pool is unbalanced, simply pouring in more chlorine will result in the water getting more degraded. Likewise, highly-acidic water will react with the enamel of your teeth. This is why most swimmers have dental problems. Experts in pool maintenance Hinsdale has, for example, would recommend regular checking of the water’s acidity levels.

This might seem too much work for the average Illinois homeowner. If this is the case, you should hire an expert in pool maintenance whom Hinsdale and other Illinois residents can rely on. This will lessen the risk of your loved ones getting health problems. For more information, check out

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