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Easy Loading with Toronto’s Stow n Go-Featured Minivans

by carsonwininger

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Contrary to popular beliefs, minivans have been around for quite some time now. In fact, it traces its roots to as early as 1935, when a small company in Detroit produced the petite, futuristic Stout Scarab—probably the first minivan. However, not until the Volkswagen Type 2 was released did the world get a glimpse of the modern minivan.

The 1970’s saw a drastic reduction in minivan use, as full-size truck-based vans elbowed their way into the market. Minivan’s popularity went into hibernation until in 1984, when it was re-introduced by Chrysler in its modern form. Since then, minivans went head-to-head with SUVs in the world of multi-occupant vehicles. Although minivan sales may have mellowed a bit, they remain popular vehicles for outdoor use.

Compared to cars, minivans are more spacious, with more seating available for additional passengers. This makes them superb vehicles for families who are planning on weekend getaways. However, a common problem arises when there is a need to load more cargo, as minivans don’t have trunks the way cars do.

Fortunately, this problem has been addressed by Chrysler when it introduced the stow n go seating system in its subsidiary Dodge models. The introduction of stow n go seating allows the second and third row seats to be folded completely into the minivan’s under-floor compartments. When both rows of seat are folded, the result is a van with a flat-load floor capable of loading a 160.7 cargo volume.

If you wish to find a stow n go minivan in Toronto, Ontario, you can check any of the four reputable car dealers there. The minivans they offer will feature the latest advancement in the folding ease of these seating compartments. Most models are designed to create a volume of 12 cubic feet of under-floor storage space. However, to make way for the additional under-floor space, manufacturers had to adjust the location of parking brake cables, spare tire, exhaust system, fuel tank and rear suspension.

The best thing Toronto residents found about a stow n go minivan is that it offers variety in space allocation, as the feature allows them to stow away only one row of seats; this is especially useful when they go grocery shopping. In fact, some of the newer models in Toronto’s showrooms allow users to rapidly unstow the seats with one hand.

Although this feature has been traditionally identified with Dodge Chrysler, the company that introduced it, Mazda quickly caught up with incorporating the same innovation in its own models. For many residents of Toronto Mazda 3 gives them the chance to enjoy the stow n go feature under a different brand. Learn more about stow n go at

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