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7 Steps for ID Card Resellers Make Money Easier

by Reubenhays

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Different enterprise have different requirement on their card order and membership card designs. Many card resellers tend to focusing on large quantity order so to cover the cost spending on operation and communication with customers. During the economic downturn, card resellers need to place more small and medium orders in order to have quick cash inflow to survive in this environment. This article suggests 7 steps for card resellers to make money easier by improving communication skill with their clients and also enhancing the order process with card manufacturer.

  1. Create 2-3 Simple Design Templates for selection

Most of the time spending on a print order is the communication of design concept. You can create 2-3 Simple Gift Cards and/or Key Tags design templates for small and medium orders. This helps customers clarify their design concept, texts to be printed on cards, and therefore shorten the communication and decision-making time. (Contact Us to get the Gift Cards and Key Tags Design Templates for free.)

  1. Create a Package Offering.

We realize that not all projects are custom, and some have limited budgets. It is thoughtful about leveraging various cards and/or tags template for a solution. Ecotags Package Templates already come prepared with all the necessary components to give you an amazing jumpstart. For instant, Gift card with 1/2/3 key tags, Combo Card, Double Luggage Tag Package.

  1. Create A Effective Order Form

An order form is the means to convert a visitor into a customer. If it provides a simple way to enter details, visitors will feel encouraged to place order with you. Since it leads to conversion, its importance cannot be understated and there is a necessity to design it in manner favorable to users. A Print Order Form should include Customer contact detail, shipping information, order quantity, design template selection, additional requirement and payment detail. (Contact Us for Free Print Order Form)

  1. Instant Artwork Proof Confirmation

To ensure the correct artwork version with all necessary approval is sent for print production, the process of approval must be systematic, without leaving any chance for mistakes. You can simply pass the artworks and order detail to us, we will check the resolution, outbleed, other artwork requirements and provide you professional suggestion about the order. To accelerate the order confirmation process, we have a team of designers which are well-trained and able to issue proof to you within 3 hours. We are also able to issue artwork proof in multilingual, which provides a sense of common, and of cultural proximity for customers.

  1. Fast Turnaround= Quick Cashflow

Cashflow and margins are two very important considerations for any business. You need both to survive and grow your business. Our Ecotags card packages are one option for many ID Cards Partners. It is an alternative offering where high volume of small orders can make a difference. Normal plastic card orders take at least 7 days production. The turnaround time for small order must be fast in order to have quick cash inflow over time. Via Digital Printing and well-equipped production facilities, we are able to finish production within 3 days or 1 day for Rush order.


  1. Online Status Tracking System

Being able to track orders from the moment they are placed to final delivery helps you control the way you operate. You can check the progress of orders for yourself anytime and anywhere. The online order tracking system helps showing you the production status, delivery time and estimate collection date. You are able to reply your client about each order status and delivery time instantly.

  1. Clear and Standard Packaging and Shipping Mark

We understand cards which send to overseas resellers will probably be handled and reshipped to individual clients. It is essential to keep track of what exactly is in a given box. Here are a few classic fields:

•Product reference (SKU) and/or order number;

•Customer Name

•Card Name

•Order Quantity

•Serial Number and Box Number

•Barcode for faster processing, if necessary

Card reseller can simply check the shipping mark and send them to relevant clients immediately. The standard and clear shipping mark help reduces the workforce and labor cost of handling each package before handling to their client.

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