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Do you want to say hello from across the globe?

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Saying a simple hello is not easy for the people who reside in a different country from their families and friends. Business trips, service and daily communications are the important tie to build the strong relationships. If you find yourself travelling around the world and your local mobile company charges you a fortune to call internationally, then, there is a way to avoid high phone bills-Phone Card Mate.

Phone Card Mate is a very smart international calling solution which was founded in Australia. The company operates the website and it allows their service to reach global customers' needs. It cuts 90% of your international phone call fees! It is amazing, isn't it! For an example, for a Chinese immigrant in Australia who has families in China, the local phone company from Australia will charge $1.00 per minute! Imagine for talking 20 minutes to the family, one has to pay more than $20.00 to do this much needed casual conversation between individual and foreign family. However, when customer picks up a Phone Card Mate the bill goes down to only 1 cent per minute. You do the math. Phone Card Mate reaches hundreds of countries in the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Phone Card Mate also provides the very advanced Internet technology, which gives mobile customers the good news. You do not need to buy a physical piece of paper card, just choose
lyca mobile recharge card, or lyca mobile recharge online or lyca mobile top up services, they will answer all your international phone call needs. lyca mobile recharge card and lyca mobile recharge online allow the mobile phone users to find the regions and rates about their call and directly purchase the much cheaper service from Phone Card Mate. The best thing about these phone cards is that they are prepaid. Therefore, you know how much the bill is before you use the service. lyca mobile top up is the protection over Australian mobile phone users' phone plans. Customers can go online and choose the Iyca mobile top up to instantly add credits into the phone. Therefore, users do not need to quit the existing plan and still enjoy the cheaper international call rate to reach their loved ones across the globe. lyca mobile top up is very popular for Australian mobile customers.

The pin and password confidential protection over the payment gives you a peace of mind. Payments are accepted in credit cards or paypall. All online transaction is secured and your privacy is greatly protected by Phone Card Mate. For more details, check out company's website:



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