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Immerse In A Cinematic Experience With a Home Theatre System

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The term Home Theatre originally intended to denote a combination of electronic devices used to simulate the mood and setting of a movie theatre in comforts of one's own home. Slowly, the meaning of the term changed, and is now used to exclusively describe the most important part of such a system – the speakers. Home theatre speakers are either 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel speakers, allowing users to experience surround sound akin to cinema halls.


Taking a look back at speaker systems of the past, it is obvious that it had humble beginnings. Originally a part of the telephone's receiving end, subsequent developments on the loudspeaker led to it being used for the purposes of public speeches. It was not before the invention of the gramophone before the technology was finally used for the purpose of entertainment. Years of research and development led to separation of sound into different channels and by crafting separate units for different frequency ranges.


A home theatre system achieves a surround sound effect by employing a movie / music piece's calibration for a large number of channels. Proper placement of speakers ensures that the sound is reaching the listener / viewer from all directions of the enclosed room, providing them with a full, rich sound experience. The number of channels vary, but most home theater systems have a 5.1 channel speaker system. It consists of a large sub-woofer for low frequency or “bass” sounds, while five other smaller speakers are responsible for higher frequency sounds, such as dialogues or instruments such as a guitar or a violin. Sound producers cleverly mix and configure the sound in music pieces or movies to give it a sense of direction, which can only be perceived in a surround sound setting.


Every home theatre manufacturer has something unique to offer. Take for example F&D's 5.1 speakers. Their aesthetically pleasing design is a definite attraction to the end-user, but may put off audiophiles looking for nothing but the best audio quality their money can buy. But F&D's speakers are packed with a pleasant surprise. Their ergonomic build and appealing design does not come with a trade-off in sound quality, since the speakers are designed in a way that the balance between the important factors, ie, size, performance, looks and price is maintained. Few manufactures manage to churn out the maximum performance at low cost without sacrificing visually appeal; something that F&D has apparently succeeded at.


Their range of home theatre systems includes models such as F6000, F3000U, F5090 and F900U, each with their own defining design and a price that is reasonably proportional to performance. Every model has different features, but the common ones are support for USB / Memory Card input, a remote control with various functions and LED displays for track / movie information. These systems are an appealing choice for a wide variety of audiences including laymen looking for an affordable, yet high performing sound solution, as well as audiophiles with a narrow budget, but without the option of being disappointed by a mediocre sound signature.

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