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Before You Apply For Hong Kong Visa

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“Hong Kong”, the city located in the heart of Asia is often touted as one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It is major transportation hub of Asia and renowned for its unique global businesses. Along with this, if you love yummiest Chinese food and fond of shopping, then you must plan a trip to Hog Kong. Because of its beautiful skyline & night views, the city has become a well-known tourist spot rather not-to-miss-visiting-once kind of a destination. The population of Hong Kong is around 7 millions, but, being a vital business hub and tourist paradise, its population is increasing heavily, each day. This is making it very toilsome to get the visa for Hong Kong.


It’s true that Hong Kong Visa application process is not that simple.


Most of the times, travellers have great confusion between the Visa procedures for China and for Hong Kong. As city was under British administration, the Hong Kong immigration policies and visa procedure are still the same as it was earlier. There are some regions of China, like mainland China, of which residents don't have right of abode in Hong Kong. Inversely, the citizens of 170 countries including US, Australia, Europe, New Zealand don’t need to have visa to enter into Hong Kong. However, there is a defined period for the residents of these countries, till that they are permitted to live in Hong Kong.


As Hong Kong is prominent financial hub, it welcomes you with its enormous business prospects and golden employment opportunities. Thus, every year people rush into Hong Kong from various corners of the world to lead better life. However, you are not allowed to take up an employment in the city unless and until you have Hong Kong work Visa. Additionally, before you apply for Hong Kong work Visa, you need to have an offer letter from the recognized company in Hong Kong. Beside this, the applicant should be of at least 18 years and graduate from any recognized university and he or she should have proficiency in English or Chinese language. Also the package offered by company should meet the market standard of Hong Kong.


In tandem with this, if you are willing to run a business in Hong Kong, you need to have Hong Kong investment visa. Just as it is for Hong Kong work visa, the Hong Kong immigration department will check for certain criterion to approve Hong Kong Visa application. The business you are going to establish in Hong Kong should be viable and significantly contribute to Hong Kong economy & businesses.


In case you wish to extend your stay at Hong Kong, you need to go through Hong Kong visa extension procedure for visa renewal or extension. However, here also you should meet the eligibility criteria set for Hong Kong work permitby the Hong Kong immigration department.


There are various online companies, which can help you obtain visa for Hong Kong. Hong Kong Visa Geeza is one of them which will help you get any kind of Hong Kong Visa. So, go online and get instant Hong Kong visa.

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