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Why selling life insurance & annuities is a great career cho

by liyo89

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You've often wondered whether a career in life insurance & annuities is really something that one should aspire to. In the current economic climate, it's normal to presume that any career involving the financial Marketing in the industry isn't a great choice to begin with. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and when it comes to selling life insurance or annuities all is not as dark as it looks on the surface. The spiraling economy leaves people with little cash to spare on buying insurance or investing in financial products. But let's see exactly why that offers hope to a person wanting to become a career insurance agent.

To start out, being an
insurance marketing agent is a daunting task. Selling Life insurance & annuities isn't a cakewalk as most people who take insurance agent courses are led to believe. The last thing people want to invest in is something they don't see as tangible. Nonetheless, the fact exists that everyone figures out that they need life insurance and the annuities they come with at some point of time in their lives. This is the foremost reason why you will find success in your career as an insurance agent.

Being a successful insurance agent is all about perseverance. If you're easily ticked off by rejection, you'll give up in the insurance business in no time. The good thing with selling insurance is that things always get better with time. The only real challenge is to develop an enormous list of contacts who will eventually call you when they need life insurance. Most finance marketing people and insurance agents never find success on the first call selling life insurance & annuities. It's more like a year after your twentieth call. This might sound bleak to a beginner, but yes, prospects are real and they're out there. Anyone willing to stick their neck out in this business has a 100% chance of success.

If you're a good communicator, a good listener and have a knack for instantly connecting with people, a career as an insurance agent is something that you will excel in. Life Insurance & annuities are an essential requirement for most people and they will naturally buy from someone they know and feel safe dealing with. Interpersonal skills are highly essential to selling life insurance, so do not choose this as a career if you lack in any of those skills.

Overall, a career where you
sell life insurance can't strike you as high paying, but the truth is, a successful agent can make about $1million annually and even average agents can make about $35,000 a year. The median income levels in this industry is in the $50,000 to $80,000 category, so that's not exactly low compared to other similar jobs. The downside of a career as a life insurance agent may be the long work hours, but you're more than compensated for it with higher incomes and the opportunity to meet many different people and manage their insurance. A career as an insurance agent dealing with life insurance & annuities is a great choice for those who are willing to put in the hard work and reap rich rewards.

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