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Reliable Bail Bond Companies

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When an individual is arrested for a criminal offense, the law enforcement officer is given probable cause to file an affidavit with court officials that provide a detailed description of the criminal activities that occurred. A judge reviews the prior criminal record of the defendant and gathers evidence from the affidavit before setting an amount for bail. The defendant’s prior criminal record along with the seriousness of the new criminal allegations determines factors in setting the required amount of bail.


Bail Bond Types


When a judge determines a set bail amount, defendants are given four bond types to choose from for their jail release that include:


* Personal Bond


* Cash Bond


* Surety Bond


* Attorney Assisted Bond


Cash Bail Bond


Cash bonds are used when a judge orders the total payment of bail to be received prior to a defendant’s release from jail. Most county jails do not accept cash payment. However, cashier’s checks and money orders are accepted. The cash bond is not returned to the individual who posts the bond until the case has been resolved. Cash bonds could result in thousands of dollars. Anyone who posts this particular type of bail must keep in mind that the money will be tied up in court pending the resolution of the case. Cash bail is typically hard to come up with for most people. This is an instance where a reputable bail bond company may be utilized.


Personal Bond


County pre-trial offices interview defendants in making their determination whether the defendant qualifies for a personal bond. A defendant will be released on a $20 personal recognizance bond upon the approval of the reviewers. This method of bond may be attained for many defendants. However, the process can result in loss of time, and bond is not always approved. The pre-trial offices may take up to an additional 12 hours following the interview to conclude their determination.


Surety Bail Bond


Many defendants find it necessary to obtain the services of a bail bond company. This need is dependent upon the details obtained in the criminal arrest. Bail bond companies may charge up to 20% of the total bail amount to offer a guaranteed payment to the court. However, bail bond companies are easily obtained and provide efficient and fast service. Bail bond fees may not be applied to attorney fees.


Reliable Bail Bond Companies


Bail bond companies offer their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most bail bond companies providing easy and flexible terms. It is important to obtain the services of a reliable bail bond company when you need to post bond for a family member or close friend. A bail bondsman will post the bond necessary to get the individual released from jail in a timely manner. A reliable bail bondsman will protect you and your family in the event problems arise during the procession of the case.


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