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Womens From Italy Are Gorgeous

by anonymous

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Italy isfamous for producing some of the best sports cars in the world. Used in racing,owned by the wealthy and lusted after by most men, they are works of art. Ifyou do not know much about Italian cars, here at three of the best...

Enzo Ferrari - Ferrari is one of the most famous car manufacturers and hasdesigned some incredible cars since the company was founded in 1929. EnzoFerrari founded the company which is why this super car was named after him.The Enzo Ferrari is a 12 cylinder mid-engine berlinetta  first built in2002. It’s whole design was structured around Formula One technology so as youcan imagine, it is fast, sexy and thrilling; just like Italian escorts. Prepareto dig deep in your pockets if you want one of these - they sell for an averageof £800,000. Around the same price as three modest houses by the seaside! It looks like some kind of futuristic car; gleaming, sharp angled and unbelievablysexy making it an impressive prop to impress the ladies!

Lamborghini Countach - Car manufacturer Lamborghini was founded in 1963 and even when they had just started out, they managed to gain a reputation for producing carsthat were powerful, comfortable and refined. The Lamborghini Countach is asports car that is like a wild animal. Trying to control this car is likebreaking in a horse, difficult but well worth it. It can reach speeds of nearly200mph and is seen as one of the best cars to be built during the 1970’s. Ithas impressive scissor doors meaning that everyone can get a good look as anItalian escort steps out of the passenger side with her long, bronzed legs. Theword ‘countach’ comes from the Piedmontese language and is an exclamationnormally used by men who are astonished at the sight of an extremely beautifulwoman. Escorts from Italy must hear it all the time!

Alfa Romeo Spider - This is one of the classic Italian cars that has remainedrelatively unchanged during production periods. The Spider has razor-sharphandling and a twin-cam engine which owners have described as it’s bestfeatures. Although production of the Spider ceased in 1993, the car is stillvery much in demand, seen as a fashionable, classic and impressive motor. Ifyou’ve ever dreamed of driving around the Italian countryside with the wind inyour hair, the sun beaming down and a beautiful lady sitting next to yougetting excited as you rev the engine, this is the car to do it in!

Italy has produced many fine cars and these three are all specialin their own way. One thing they all have in common is that they are testamentto just how great Italian car manufacturing is.


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