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Providing a Little TLC Without Fear

by anonymous

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Female company has been what men have needed since time immemorial. So much so that even God had to create a partner for man. Add to this the fact that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and it leads you to wonder what the appeal is. What innate quality is it that drives men to give anything for the company of women? We find out.

Lola has been a London escort for 9 years, since she was 23. She claims that one of the reasons escorts are so popular is due to the simplicity of the relationships. ‘Men get tired of dating women. It’s a fact that I have learnt the hard way. Women want to have it all. Their education, their careers, and then when the time comes to settle down they realise that in order to have babies they have to fast track the whole thing. Dates turn into a ‘husband screening’ process. Instead of talking about your interests and how your day was you have to answer where you see yourself in 3 years and if you want kids. A London escort girl isn’t going to do any of this. We establish deep and meaningful relationships with our dates, but there isn’t any hint of panic about the future. The parameters of our relationship are clear and men appreciate that’.   

London escorts know who they’re dating. Men who are overworked, overextended and over it. Escorts offer the chance to recharge the batteries of their dates, providing a little TLC without the fear of Too Little Commitment. As Lola points out, ‘Being an escort is about being there to help men out. Going to a wedding or a work function, for example. London Escorts are often used for these events because they’re seen as quite serious events by the client and he doesn’t want to risk complicating an existing relationship with a girl by asking her along just because he needs a partner, when she may see it as a lot more’.

It seems then, that the London escort is simply irresistible. By putting the ball back in the court of the men these women are able to befriend them, listen to them, pleasure them and act as sounding boards, company and girlfriends to these men when they are needed. Despite the feared ‘man drought’ in the United Kingdom it seems that men are out there, they just want a little respect, a little time and more importantly, for women in the united kingdom to relax and have fun dating again.


Author information: Euan Harvey is a professional writer with experience contributing to editorial pages, online blogs and writing short articles.  He is the author of this article on Escort. Find more information on Brunette Escorts here.

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