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5 Tips to a Fun-filled Gulet Charter

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A gulet charter is without a doubt one of the best ways to enjoy a leisurely luxury cruise on some of the most majestic waters of the planet. Gulet ships are a popular make of charter yachts inspired from the traditional wooden design of the Turkish vessels by the same name. The ships are a major attraction in Turkey, Croatia, Maldives, Greece and surrounding islands.



The gulet ships are handmade (one lasting up to a year of hard labor) to precise specifications. The modern designs are fitted with five-star accommodation facilities and features to make them feasible as world-class tourist attractions. Their interiors radiate of luxury, comfort and sea safety. A gulet charter cannot be described by a simple technical description of the gulet ship though since it is an experience that transcends a mere vessel into the luxury, relaxation and enjoyment unknown to any other type of holiday engagement.



To make your gulet charter holiday memorable and richly satisfying you should consider a few things. To begin with it is important that the gulet charter package includes a skilled and professionally trained crew inclusive of a captain. These people are the ones to ensure that you are safe, that you are not worried about the sea logistics and that you are comfortable and relaxed during the tours.



Secondly, ensure that the gulet charter includes state of the art accommodation, or at least comfortable accommodation features like self contained cabins, luxury beds, TVs, satellite phones and internet connection. The better the features and facilities provided by the gulet charter package, the more enjoyable your holiday is likely to be. Thirdly, it is important that you carefully select those you will travel with. A gulet charter accommodates up to 32 voyagers. If it is not your family, then the members of the voyaging group need to be selected well to ensure that all of you can enjoy the constricted area within the gulet. Keeping the group number at an optimal 10-15 is the ideal thing to do.



Although most gulet ships have motors, try to get a gulet charter with cruise sail ability. This will enable you to enjoy absolute tranquility during the sail when you are not on a hurry. A sail enables you to watch the natural scenery from the deck while sipping a glass of champagne. Finally, select the destination of your gulet charter precisely and based on what it has to offer. The most famous gulet charter destinations in the world today include Maldives, Greece, Croatia and of course the king of them all, Turkey.



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