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Carol Sand MAP Houston advises on Executive Career Managemen

by SamuelLanghorne

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The modern workplace, from the top-tier management to the lowest grade job, is highly competitive now more than ever. Carol Sand MAP Houston shares that executives are in need of career management/development assistance so as to become more competitive and thus secure themselves a security of tenure of sorts. It is basically up to executives to put their careers to the grind to ensure that they are always up-to-date with market requirements and to also prove themselves valuable in the eyes of their employers. A nice way to realize this would be to work with an executive career coach to help point out the wanting areas that the executive needs to focus and improve on.

According to Carol Sand MAP Houston, a renowned executive career management coach, there are three main areas of improvement, and which start at leadership. If an executive has the target of leading an organization a few years down the line then he/she must demonstrate leadership qualities even in the present. For the executive, this means doing more than just what your job requires. You can develop and demonstrate leadership by finding opportunities inside and outside the workplace. One way is volunteering to head one of the employee committees in the workplace. You can also observe the traits of persons who are considered to be good leaders in your organization. Outside the workplace there are other leadership opportunities such as at your children’s school, the church, neighborhood committees, and so forth. Further, it is prudent to attend leadership workshops and seminars plus to regularly read about leadership.

Executives should know that their workplaces are their daily interview panels. Carol Sand MAP Houston notes that it is very easy to become complacent a few years into work; employees often let down their guard and the feeling of indispensability to the company creeps in. These are the very eventualities that can blight your vertical ascent into higher positions. As much as possible, executives are encouraged to find the lost enthusiasm, interest, energy and eagerness to learn something new, and to pay attention to detail as they did when they were new employees. These are crucial factors that will without doubt influence your consideration for a promotion.

However, this does not amount to “sucking up” to your superiors; it is about practicing integrity and honesty plus making full use of your abilities. You can polish up these fine qualities by maintaining an exemplary level of etiquette including punctuality, not skipping or leaving work early, dressing neatly and appropriately while avoiding what is too casual or too trendy, and treating other employees especially junior ones with respect and professionalism.

Last but not least, Carol Sand MAP Houston emphasizes that there is no end to learning. Most organizations peg their promotions on continuing education. It is therefore your duty to seek and exploit opportunities to learn about the latest market trends and technologies. Continuing education is popular in other professions such as architecture, engineering and medicine but executives are notorious for ignoring this as they are already in management. The surest way to show your superiors your interest in getting to even higher levels of management and professionalism is by furthering your education. So, go ahead and get that MBA and become more valuable to your employer.

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