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Green and clean environment for the posterity

by luischildress

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It took a thousand years for a man to pass from Paleolithic to Neolithic age. But the modification of conventional gears to nuclear devices took less than a century. The development was so quick that nature has been not so rapid to adapt these changes.

The last century has experienced a drastic increase in population burdening the natural resources. Emission of harmful toxics, usage of fossil fuel in the vehicles has polluted the clean air. Problems of indisposed litter and uncontrolled sewage are the current issues that have let the people think to overcome it. environmental protection agency tries to educate people to reverse the process of degradation and make the people know their rights to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment and surroundings.

It tries to develop and implement programs that achieve the maximum benefits for conservation. Managing these areas with the conservation value the environment protection agency reflect and respond to the changing need of environment.


To conserve the Planet’s diminishing diversity of life while protecting the habitats of the surrounding landscape, is the sole purpose of environmental protection. Empowered in the rural and urban areas it is helping to develop and encourage practical cost effective solutions to reduce our climate crisis and motivate people towards environment protection.

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