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How is mobile marketing trending?

by anonymous

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Mobile advertising is advertising that comes to you direct to your mobile. It's often customised, it's quick, effective and it's taking the marketing world by storm. Mobile marketing is the most personal marketing medium that's currently out there today, but how is it trending?


It is thought that over the past year, brands have allocated larger and larger portions of their digital media plan towards mobile so as to further capitalize on this growth in personal marketing. For lovers of statistics, in 2009, the U.S. mobile Web grew at an average rate of 2 percent month over month, according to Nielsen. Millenial Media tell us that US mobile Web will reach nearly 100 million unique users per month by the end of 2010.


That rate of growth and the ever-increasing sale of smart phones means that the mobile Web will soon reach more than 50 percent of the consumers on the wired Web. Smart advertisers will continue to invest and the trend will continue upwards with certainty. In 2010, twice as many brands spent more than US$5 million on mobile advertising compared with 2009.


There are four times the number of mobile phones in the world versus PCs and 20 percent of all U.S. households are now “mobile-only”, so it is easy to see why some of the leading mobile advertising will include even higher budgets for mobile marketing. Expected increases will come from pharmaceutical, automotive, travel and retail.


Consider also the effect of the global recession and with people being more savvy about where to shop and how to spend their dollar, the mobile coupon direct to the user's mobile offering discounts and other specials makes this marketing a real hit with the consumer. According a Deloitte survey, of the mobile shoppers identified in their survey: 55 percent said they will use their mobile device to find store locations, 45 percent to research prices, 40 percent to find product information, 32 percent to find discounts and coupons and 25 percent to make purchases. Intelligent consumerism indeed.


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