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Why Mexico Is The Modern For The Rest Of Latin America?

by industriamexicana

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When the head of the IMF described Mexico as a nation that may be a model for the rest of Latin America, she was trying at the means in which Mexico had started to improve its economy. The state has settled itself on a firm economic foundation that can not only guarantee continued success for its own citizens, but which is also attract foreign investment from across the world, bringing a much required injection of money into the market and giving foreign companies (empresas) a secure location on which to manufacture their merchandise close to home.

The approval of the IMF has caused several foreign investors to think about Mexico in the new light and select to place some of their capital within the Latin American country. The IMF head noticed that Mexico was in the rather unique position, having the power through foreign investment to shape the global financial condition, whether that's negative or positive.

Unlike other countries, such as the US and also the UK, who are forced to reduce on investment, and are accused of harming businesses because of lack of opportunity, Mexico is running streets ahead of the pack, with a pattern of encouraging technological advances which is only matched by that super-power of the production line, China.

Being second to China is no mean feat for a small country which has had its share of problems, however by deciding to put their citizens first, and encouraging a round of foreign investment from recent legislation intended to push new business ventures, Mexico has turned the corner. By being one of the few countries encouraging innovation, Mexico is not just encouraging foreign investment, but is also guaranteeing that its next generation of business people are technologically developed and prepared to welcome change. In the recent review, it had been calculated that only around 45% of people within the US and also the UK are eager to welcome new advances in technology, while a similar survey suggested that over 80% of Mexicans are keen to utilize technology to advance their businesses.

By encouraging foreign investment from legislative changes and at the same time guaranteeing that their own business-people are able to deal with the technological demands of the future, Mexico is placing itself in a perfect position to become the number-one location for investment from international corporations. Mexico has learned how to open itself up to the global economy and this is why the IMF considers it to be a role-model for other Latin American countries.

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