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The Right Mix Of Tourism In Comfort In Goa And Badrinath

by Editor123

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Gone are the days in India when the only form of tourism used to be
one that involved religion. Such tourists were actually pilgrims that
had to put up with a lot of hardships and loss of life or limb was not
uncommon. After the railway network was established, pilgrims managed
to reach the railhead but thereafter all the mountainous terrain was
negotiated by bus. Rickety buses and poor road condition were further
aggravated by unhygienic living conditions and food that one ate from
roadside vendors.


Today, following improvements in infrastructure, tourists have
several choices. One can go on a pilgrimage and stay in a place without
forsaking comfort such as in a Badrinath hotel
or Kedarnath hotel. Here the accommodation and food are both above par
and service is top class. The pilgrim therefore can rest his weary body
at the end of each day and is fully recuperated to take on the next
day’s rigors.


There are different variations of tourists as well today. There are
those tourists that love seeing places of beauty or general interest
such as the Taj in Agra or beaches of Goa. For them there are great
packages such as the Goa hotel packages that offer excellent terms
depending on the time of the year. Similarly, there are tourists that
are fond of nature and wildlife and those that want to have physical
activities such as wind surfing or rappelling when they go touring.
Today’s tourism and hotel industry caters for every kind of tourist and
there are some excellent offers that will tempt any avid tourist.


Goa is perhaps among the most popular destinations in India. A long
weekend in Goa is the dream of every tourist whether from distant
shores or the home-grown variety! Goa is popular not only because of
its beaches but also for several places of worship and some fine
heritage architecture. Goa hotel packages currently have attractive
offers till 30 Apr 12 and tourists can avail of these. Of course these
offers are not applicable during Holi (08 till 11 March 12) and Good
Friday (06-08 Apr 2012).


Goa hotel packages
will give an added reason to those that are undecided to visit Goa and
spend either an extended weekend or just chill out from the regular
stresses of life. Remember Goa is also well-known for its flora and
fauna as it is located on the Western Ghats, an area that is a hotspot
for biodiversity.


For pilgrims and those that wish to make the trip to Badrinath just
for the beauty of the place and the surroundings, the Badrinath hotel
is most impressive on account of its Swiss style thatched luxury tents
with attached baths and toilets. Badrinath hotel will remain in your
memory on account of its service standards and the attention to each
detail meant to ensure the comfort of its guests.


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