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PHP Developers India - Most of the Web Applications Are Crea

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PHP Technology

PHP is an open source technology which is used worldwide to develop dynamic web applications. It is a server side scripting language. It can also be used for command line scripting and other GUI applications. It can be deployed on almost all the servers and supports all major operating systems. It supports many RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).Since it is an open source technology it is available free of cost. Complete source code is available on the website to create applications and to customize the code. PHP supports the LAMP architecture which has become very popular in creating dynamic web based applications. However in LAMP 'P' is replaced by Perl or python with the other three Linux, Apache, MySql. For other operating systems also the same kind of architecture is followed like for windows WAMP and MAMP for Macintosh.


To speed up the performance of the application PHP uses the compiler through which the scripts can be executed and deployed. PHP code optimization aims to increase the time response and reduce the execution time. PHP code can be easily optimized with the code optimizers like Accelerator and cache.

Usage & Security

Since PHP is a freeware technology and support all major servers and operating system its usage and implementation has been increased in past few years. Websites like online shopping, online travel booking and other web based client server applications are created with great ease with PHP. When it comes to security PHP provides the features like sessions and cookie management which can be created and destroyed based on the user information. It also support patches like Sushoin and hardening patch which are specifically designed for web based applications. PHP IDS detect intrusions like SQL injection, Cross site scripting (XSS), Remote file execution etc.

PHP Outsourcing in India

PHP is an easy scripting language so the developers can be easily trained. The source code can be easily modified and customized according to the requirements. PHP can be easily integrated to the other open source cms(content management system) like Drupal, Word press, Jhoomla. In India PHP developers can be easily hired with less expense. PHP outsourcing now a days has gained momentum in Indian IT companies. Since all the supporting code is available for free it only costs for the deployment and hosting the application. Because of this reason companies outsourcing PHP are earning huge profits. Applications created in PHP meets the entire customers requirement and for the companies looking to creates web applications for their products can easily Hire PHP Indian Developers on extensive low cost and getting maximum benefits.

Advantages of PHP

* It is an open source technology. It can be integrated with different frameworks like smarty, Core PHP etc. * Fast compared to other scripting languages. * Compatible with all free operating systems, web browsers and servers. * All applications written in PHP can be easily customizable. * Cost effective. Development and maintenance is very easy. * Easy understandable documentation of code. * It is flexible can be used with OOPS (object oriented programming) or with normal coding standards.

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