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CRM Software Guide to On Demand and On Premise

by crmdomain

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A company need to choose the right CRM Software for its business and a company often struggle to choose between On-Demand and On-premise CRM software solution and which path leads the best results. Perhaps there is no single answer for this question the primary decision for any company should rest on what CRM package will drive the best business value. Weighting CRM Packages, what exactly the company want to do with the CRM Solution and how to get the job done are some of the crucial step a business needs to take.

On Premise solution is suitable for those companies who need outright ownership. Hence you buy the solution, use it, control its data and keep the whole spiel on company grounds. For hosted CRM a company has to pay per month or per annum to use the SAAS product. Moreover, for a hosted CRM a business doesn’t require to buy hardware, software or innumerable upgrades.

Small and medium size companies with limited IT staff and resources often go for a Hosted CRM software solution because it’s easier to implement. All that a company need is an internet connection and a web browser, hence translated to tremendous cost savings on both hardware and IT personnel to maintain the system. SAAS solution offer frequent automatic updates, independence from IT, specialized operational-management capability, inherent disaster recovery, fully managed upgrades and environment changes, specialized security management, lower operating cost and good usability.

On-premise CRM can be helpful for that company that is evolved and require real time integration with IT and operational systems. The main benefit of On-premise CRM is maintaining hands on control and can deliver more customisation and integration. If a company wants to make substantial changes to the data model of the application, they will go for on-site solution because the application is open and modifiable.  Companies that have reached a maturity level around service delivery management and the infrastructure is under direct company control; changes and risk management can be handled locally then the On-premise will be the best solution for the business.

Traditional on Demand solutions are challenged by integration and customization issue. On Premise solution require greater upfront costs and also require hardware maintenance, upgrades and support. These factors should be carefully weighted, because often it is difficult to shift to another CRM software  solution later.




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