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Understanding Perfumes

by kunwarpal

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Almost everyone around us has tried to enhance (or mask) their own odour by using the fragrance boost of perfumes. Although there are other options, but perfumes are the best choice as they have a longer staying power as compared to deodorants, body sprays and eaude cologne. Secondly, they are a huge relief when in crowded places or travelling in a public transport!  A good perfume might be a little heavy on the pocket at times, but at the end of the day it gives the best value for money. While using a perfume, we should always keep in mind never to “over-do” it, so says the “Perfume Etiquette”. Your liking of the fragrance shouldn’t be the reason for you getting drenched in it and leaving people choking on the smell for hours after. 

Choosing a perfume is not always the easiest task. Because of differences in body chemistry,temperature, and body odours, no perfume will smell exactly the same on any two people and this is one area where most of us tend to mess up. So once in the “fragrance market”, we should remember some basic rules while choosing the smell that’s just the right one for us. 

Instead of smelling something scrumptious on a test strip, it is a good idea to apply some perfume on your skin as the nose might notice a difference. The worst place to sample a fragrance is in the fragrance shop where all the different odours mix and float about. It's best to take a fragrance sample home and try it out for a day. If you want to test the perfume in the shop, make sure you squirt once on your wrist and once inside of your elbow. Make sure you're not already wearing a perfume on your wrist as this can alter the composition you're about to test.  

Another thing to keep in mind is, while dry skin doesn’t retain the fragrance for too long,oily skin retains softer scents over a longer period of time. And lastly, fragrances are formulated to evaporate in layers; the top notes are the first scents you smell which wear away after a few minutes. The perfume’s real essence emerges after a few hours of its application. That’s why you should wear a perfume around for a while to see exactly how its entire bouquet interacts with your skin. 

With these simple rules in mind, deciding on a perfume is not a Herculean task, be it for yourself, or that special one! Summing up, here is a fact that is perhaps not very widely known - eating spicy food and being stressed out can distort perfumes’ scents. So stay happy and stay fresh!For More Detail Visit :

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