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Top 10 Companies That Offer Free Baby Stuff!

by shannah66

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By Kathleen Brookes

By the time you find out you're pregnant (pregnancy test $15) to the time junior blows out the candles on his first birthday cake (cake $20), parents can expect to spend upwards of $18,000. And that's on baby's first year alone. By the time junior reaches 18, the average middle-income family will spend $160,140, according to recent government calculations. That doesn't even touch college tuition. Ouch!

Children are priceless, but raising them is probably the most expensive thing a parent will ever do.

But there's good news. One of the few times companies are eager to hand out free things is when someone is having a baby!

When author, Sue Hannah found out that she was expecting twins, she couldn't wait for their arrival. But feeling the financial strain that goes along with being a new parent (times two), she was definitely a little nervous.

Desperate to find extra help for her expanding family, she contacted almost every company that manufactured baby items. She scoured through parenting magazines, searched the Internet and made phone calls until her husband thought she was suffering a pregnancy-induced craze. He claimed she couldn't get something for nothing. Boy, was he wrong!

She was surprised to find out that many companies offered free stuff to new and expecting parents--and with no obligation to buy anything! She received hundreds of dollars worth of fabulous freebies for herself and her babies, including free diapers, baby wipes, baby food, baby bibs, bottles, free gift packs, parenting starter kits, free parenting videos and software, coupons, parenting books and magazines, and tons of free samples in the mail, all from well-known companies like Huggies, Gerber, Heinz, Nestlé Carnation, Johnson & Johnson, and many more.

"It was really exciting to receive free stuff in the mail", says Hannah. "These companies were eager to respond to my requests for free samples and promotional items and within a couple of weeks of contacting them, my mailbox was flooded with valuable free stuff--and with no obligation to buy anything! I could hardly wait to see what my mailman brought me in the mail each day! I filled up three large storage bins with free stuff for my twins, and saved a ton of money!"

After receiving a flood of free stuff in the mail, Hannah decided to compile her contacts and listings into an awesome book, Free Stuff For Baby!, consisting of toll-free numbers that parents could call to request free stuff, company addresses where parents could write to request free stuff, as well as Internet websites where parents could register online to request free stuff for themselves and their baby. And what a success that book has been! Hannah has recently appeared on several television programs promoting her new book, including, "Northwest Afternoon" (KomoTV/Seattle), "Your Morning" (Comcast), "Canada AM", "Breakfast Television", to name a few. Her articles have appeared in tons of parenting magazines, including "Fit Pregnancy", "Today's Parent", "Work & Family", and many more!

Hannah's final words of advice: "Join as many mailing lists as you can to take advantage of what these companies have to offer. Enjoy your baby. Cherish every moment!"

Note: When contacting these companies, ask to be put on their mailing list to receive free promotional items for new and expecting parents. If you are expecting multiples, be sure to mention that in your correspondence with them.

Don’t forget to check out Sue Hannah's website at, where you can sign up for these and many other free baby offers online. Simple, Fast....and FREE!!

1. Pampers (Procter & Gamble)

In the United States or Canada, call 800-543-0480, 800-726-7377

U.S. Website: (click on "")

Canadian Website: (click on "coupons and special offers")

Call the above-listed number to be put on the company mailing list to receive sample products and disposable diaper coupons. Call again after the baby is born to receive further offers. Pampers will also send out occasional mailings and coupons at the different stages of your baby's development. When you register online at, you will receive a free newsletter, a $10.00 New Registration Coupon Book, private product previews and samples from Pampers, as well as special offers from other Procter & Gamble brands.

2. Huggies (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)

In the United States or Canada, call 800-544-1847


Call, or sign up online to join Huggies' mailing list for new and expecting parents where you will receive coupons for Huggies diapers, wipes, and other promotional items and free samples that they are offering at the time.

3. Johnson & Johnson

In the United States, call 800-526-3967

In Canada, call 800-361-8068

U.S. Website:

Canadian Website:

Parents can call the above-listed number to receive a free Baby Care Basics brochure with valuable coupons, as well as to receive occasional mailings from time to time with further offers from Johnson & Johnson. You can also attend at the Johnson's Baby Website to sign up for their free personalized newsletter, as well as special offers. When you sign up, you will automatically be entered for a chance to win a diaper bag filled with $50 worth of Johnson's Baby products. There is one winner each month. Good luck! Residents of Canada can call Johnson & Johnson to receive a "New Parent's Pack" with free samples, coupons, and literature.

4. Nestlé Infant Nutrition

In the United States, call 800-242-5200

In Canada, call 800-387-5536

U.S. Website:

Canadian Website: (click on "Good Start Magazine")

Call to join Very Best Baby to receive a free 6-month subscription to The Very Best Baby magazine, as well as to receive free money-saving checks for Nestle Infant Nutrition products. You can also register online to join the Very Best Baby at the above-listed Website. When you register online, you can choose to receive an assortment of free benefits. Residents of Canada can call the above-listed number to receive a FREE subscription to the Nestlé Baby Magazine for expecting and new moms. Along with your free magazine subscription, you will receive valuable coupons, free samples of infant formula and baby cereal (if you choose), plus information and savings on special products for new parents. You can also subscribe online to the Nestle Baby Magazine by visiting the website listed above.

5. Similac Welcome Addition Club

In the United States, call 800-BABYLINE (press 1)

In Canada, call 800-518-CLUB

U.S. Website:

Canadian Website: (click on "Join the Club")

Call the above-listed toll-free number, or attend at the Website listed above to join "The Similac Welcome Addition Club". Member benefits include money-saving discounts, free samples of Similac Infant Formulas, periodic newsletters containing expert pregnancy and parenting advice, or other gifts.


Sue Hannah is a freelance writer and author of the new book, "Free Stuff For Baby!". She has been published in tons of parenting magazines, and has also been seen on several television shows promoting her new book. For information on her new book, "Free Stuff For Baby!", please attend at


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