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Lesson 3 - school systems

by laurathomasme1

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Lesson 3 - school systems in English speaking countries


Topic 1: What is a school governor ?

In the United Kingdom, the members of school's Governing Body are called school governors. They have the responsibility to ensure the setting of strategic direction, raising school standards, and they are in charge of accountability.

You can find a Governing Body in every state school. Where you can observe various members such as Parent Governors (generally of school's children), Staff Governors (already members of the school staff), Community Governors (members of the local community).

They work as volonteers : they can decide whether this time off is given with or without pay. But generally, employers give them time off to take on the role.

With a Governing Body, schools become "professionalised" and manage their own finances. 


Topic 2: What is a school assembly ?

A school assembly is a gathering of all part of a school, usually once a week or at the begening of each school day.

In this assembly you can communicate information and share learning experiences, talking about discipline or different issues.



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