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Benefits of using aerators

by Editor123

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Commercial farmers have to condition the soil in order to prepare it for productive exploitation whether it is a farm land or pasture land and turf. This reconditioning has to be done on different planes such as physical, chemical and biological. The basic need is to achieve these reconditioning calls for an efficient aeration system. Such a system demands the use of an aerator or several aerators. These aerators have to be scientifically designed so that they are efficient, cost-effective and durable.

The physical nature of the soil is very critical. Generally, soil suffers from compaction. A soil can become compact for several reasons including equipment traffic, livestock traffic and rainfall. Relieving compaction in the soil is absolutely essential for increasing the soil productivity. The use of a well-designed aeratorsuch as Shattertine improves the texture and structure of the soil while removing compaction and hardpan and increasing porosity.

It is observed that the regular use of an efficient aeration system can actually turn the soil around and relieve compaction. This facilitates a huge increase in the air content and deeper penetration of the roots. With efficient nutrient movement there is less nutrient leaching and vigorous emergence of crops with increase in root mass. The plants are healthier and more resistant to diseases. They are also more tolerant against drought.

A change in the chemical nature of the soil demands application of fertilizer, lime and pesticides while the pH value has also to be kept in balance. The biological nature of the soil will also need to be changed so that bacteria, fungi and algae are controlled. The use of different chemicals and agents for these tasks demands that the land be properly aerated. This will prevent farm runoff. The use of an efficient aeration system is critical in these aspects as well. Only the right kind of well-designed aerator or aerators that dig deep into the soil can ensure that farm runoff is prevented thereby ensuring environmental safety. In this way, a commercial exploitation of the farmland can coexist with a cleaner environment. Farmers therefore have everything to gain by investment in the right kind of aeration systems.

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