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The Best Costumes for Couples

by anonymous

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Dressing in matching fashion for a theme party or event can be healthy for a relationship. Couples costumes are grate bonding chance for couples and reflect many of the unique personality test of the couples themselves. Couples costumes can be funny, historic, scary or romantic. When standing in the presence of a couple dressed in theme, the power of the bond between the couple is strong. A couple costumes are evidence that two likeminded individuals give preference to dress up similarly as opposed to make individual costume statement. Here are some costume ideas for him and her.

-Doctor and Nurse: This is a versatile pair. Dress up as a doctor and Nurse can be cute and sexy. It just depend how you wear your costume. This is an affordable costume because you can easily find a used pair to wear, or borrow someone’s if you know a doctor or nurse. You must add a stethoscope and a doctor’s over coat with the traditional red medical cross to complete your men’s costumes and your partner with a nurse’s hat.

- Plug and socket:  These costumes are fun costumes for couples. You decide who is plug and who is plug and who is socket for the night. When you buy it actually you will get two costumes instead of one. The socket costume consists of a tunic in black with grey sockets in front. As for the plug costume, you will not just get a white foam plug piece but a white foam code as well.

-God and Goddess: Come to the party with true Greek fashion with togas for the men and beautiful white gown for the ladies. Dress it up with a cute gold belt and the men can carry a sword.

-Wonder woman and Superman: Superman costume is one of the famous men’s costumes. Everyone loves superheroes. When you are in superhero costume then your wife or girlfriend must be dressed up in blue tights and red capes.

-Cop and Robber: This classic costume is great for couples. One gets to be the police officer in dark blue uniform with while the other dress in black and white strips likes a jail Bird. Compliment the costume with a pair of fake handcuffs.

-Gangster and Gangster Woman: It is a good combination. There are plenty of gangster costumes available in the market. You can select from when you choose this costumes. It gives you an unique and classic appearance.

Couples costumes are not difficult to find. You can find it through internet. When you are searching for costumes, you should choose that one which is applicable to your event.            Most of the time unmarried couples also use couple costumes to show up their relationship in a more convincing way.

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