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Latest Trends in Ceramic Wedding Jewelry

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Ceramic like titanium is virtually scratch proof and extremely lightweight metal. Technology innovations and sophistication in the large scale jewelry manufacturing industry also offer the unique opportunity of personalizing your ring exactly according to your taste and preferences. A customized ceramic rings is sure to bring that million dollar smile on the face of your loved one such the priceless gift expresses a way more, of your love and affections.

Manufacture and Design of Ceramic Wedding Bands

Ceramic band is made of a combination of zirconium and pure powdered ceramic materials, which need to be heated to over 6000° temperature, resulting in a melted liquid. Then liquid is shaped, cut and cooled and lastly to be polished into a perfect ring. This variety of tungsten rings is harder than titanium, and nearly as hard as a carbide wedding ring. This comes handy for those having contact allergies to metals. Ceramic wedding bands are always going to shine on your finger just as good in coming years, as it usually does at the time of your purchase.


Some of the unique properties of tungsten metal testify to the ever increasing fashion craze for ceramic band. The gleam, beauty and color is timeless and hence all these feature make this metal priceless for both men and women.

  • While some other inlaid and colored wedding rings might fade in color, this ceramic wedding ring is an exception. This is especially attractive for those seeking a black wedding ring.
  • Ceramic rings are inert and contain no components sensitive skin reaction. Due to the hypo-allergenic properties this kind of metal rings are skin friendly. Wearing such ceramic rings will not result in any irritation or rashes for people having problems with contact dermatitis.
  • The color of ceramic wedding rings is solid all throughout the ring and even finishing color is no industrial coating. It is a white or black or any different colored metal covering underneath, just the way titanium wedding rings are manufactured.
  • Such rings are cost effective, durable and on the top of everything, scratch resistant in nature. These are perfect for all those having active lifestyles, hobbies or jobs.
  • Tungsten wedding rings never change their color. These are made of cobalt alloy instead of the carbon that has the possibility to oxidize or change color, but this never happens with the ceramic ring.


Contemporary looking ceramic band is extremely popular and just ideal choice for newlyweds and all those looking for something newer than a conventional metallic rings and wedding bands. You can have a wide range of colors including black, white, pink and blues. Ceramic wedding rings can be grooved, beveled or faceted with a more ornate looks. Authentic jewelry suppliers and leading manufactures offer the best collection of tungsten jewelry at affordable price range.

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