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Electronic Cigarettes are All Benefit

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Do people look at you like you are personified evil when you want to light up? Yeah, and you are probably getting tired of it. But, you can smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere you want to. There is no more having to stand out in the cold, no more taking time away from work, no more leaving your seat at the restaurant. Although maybe you want to stand outside chatting, maybe you want to get away from your desk, maybe they won’t let you simulate smoking in the restaurant either. E cigs can’t help you there. Except with the restaurant part, if you explain it to them. You see, electronic cigarettes give all the benefits of a real cigarette without the troubles.

Electronic cigarettes are just like the real thing. They look like a cigarette and feel like one in your hand. They will give you the same feeling of comfort and tension release that you would get from smoking a cigarette. They light up at the end and they allow you to exhale smoke. They even provide a dose of nicotine to fight off your craving. What they don’t give you is noxious fumes, bad smells and toxic chemicals. There is no flame or tobacco. There is no danger of second hand effects from electronic cigarettes so they are safe to smoke where ever you are, although you may still have to convince the restaurant owners and patrons – but what a great chance that would be to show them off.

How do they work? You have to purchase the nicotine cartridge that fit inside the disposable cigarette device. There is no tobacco in the e-cig, but there is a mechanism that heats up this liquid nicotine capsule and turns it into a vapor that you can inhale and exhale. You don’t light them with a match or cigarette lighter, the electronic cigarette is battery operated.

Electronic cigarettes also don’t have the high cost of regular cigarettes. They last longer and cost less. You do have to purchase the cartridges and a rechargeable battery but on the whole they cost a lot less and that’s a good thing. The other good thing is that these capsules deliver the amount of nicotine that you want them to. The cigarette can contain as much nicotine as a regular cigarette, or more, or less. The amount depends on the amount in the cartridge, so you can purchase your nicotine in a range of strengths. Some cartridges contain no nicotine at all if you just want the feeling of smoking without the effect. They can also come in different flavours.

Electronic cigarettes will give you the feeling of actually smoking without actually smoking. Consider what it is that you enjoy about smoking. Whatever it is, it’s not the tobacco, or that raw, scratched-up feeling in your throat. It’s that feeling of comfort, having something to do with your hands, or just the relaxing feeling. You can get that from electronic cigarettes. Try them out and save your health, your money and your friendships, plus, at parties you will have a great ice-breaker or conversation piece.

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