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Live Life and Play the Paleo Way: Understanding the Past to

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You can live a long, healthy life, one where you feel good and look your best: Australian psychologist teaches you how in his new book, Live Life and Play The Paleo Way

Food is something that everyone needs – you can only go a couple of weeks without it before you die. Yet many people struggle with the fact that we get too much food, or not the right types of food. In a world of prepackaged sugar and fat, eating healthier seems more difficult than ever before – but it doesn’t have to be. Now, experienced psychologist and hypnotist Crispian Jones has written an amazing new book that gives every reader the skills to make healthier eating choices and finally win the battle of the bulge! Calling upon years of research and experience, Cris has written, Live Life and Play The Paleo Way, available on In this one of a kind book, Cris takes the reader back in time, explaining how prehistoric man used food as fuel in a difficult world, and how those same foods can make your life healthier and more satisfying today. You can look good, feel better and maybe even live longer when you eat the Paleo way!

Author Crispian Jones is an educated, experienced psychologist, hypnotist and author working out of Queensland, Australia, but serving the entire world via the marvel of modern communications technology. Director of Seachange Psychology in Australia, Cris has worked with people around the world to help lose weight and make more healthful eating choices. His new book, Live Life and Play The Paleo Way, is a collection of information and tips, drawn from generations of human knowledge and practice – tracing back to the cavemen! Written in an easy to read language, yet interesting and applicable to YOUR life, Live Life and Play The Paleo Way, is for everyone who wants to feel better, live longer and be more vibrant.Read this book and you might live to be one hundred!

Most people today grew up hearing that you “are what you eat,” but they don’t really understand nutrition, and what healthful foods can do for you. In his new book Cris explains why what you eat is such an important part of your life, impacting not just how you look but how you feel, how long you live, and how much you enjoy life! Cris details how food is power and tells you the secrets to ancient man living relatively disease free, compared to modern people.

You do not have to accept fatigue, being overweight or feeling poorly – with this book you can live a more healthful life!

Live Life and Play The Paleo Way walks you through a series actionable steps that YOU can take to start eating better, feeling better, and living better. The entire book is full of great information about eating well, but it is the clear organization and actionable tips that really make the book easy to read and simple to follow.

Start reading, and start feeling like a better you today! Just go to and download Live Life and Play The Paleo Way.

About the Author:

Cris Jones is the director of Seachange Psychology, an institute dedicated to helping people located in Cairns, in Queensland, Australia. While Cris lives on the largest island on Earth, he is accessible to everyone, anyone in the world through the miracle of modern technology. For years Cris has been using Internet communications technology to work with clients around the globe. You can read Cris’s many books on improving your life, including Live Life and Play The Paleo Way, all available at a very low price on

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