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Data Network Cabling Business Phone systems Gettysburg PA

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Data Network Cabling Gettysburg PA

Data Network Cabling Gettysburg PA that delivers maximum performance and reliability with clear labeling and attractive wire management saves an organization a great deal of money in over the long run. They make sure our IT staff can easily find the ports they are looking for and can have the peace of mind that when troubleshooting a network issue, it's not the cabling. They achieve their results by first severely adhering to EIA/TIA standards and BICSI best practices, and by then going that extra mile to assure our new structured cabling system is something that we will be proud to show off. 

The majority of new installations utilize category 5e cabling for horizontal cabling to the station. Cat 5e is relatively inexpensive and suitable as both voice and data cabling. 

Data Network Cabling Gettysburg PA is Structured Cabling Contractor, providing Cat6 and Cat5e cable installation services, as well as Fiber Optic Cabling installation and repair. Their Cat5e/Cat6 lines are all certified to EIA/TIA standards with level 3 certification testers by Fluke, their data center wiring is clean and organized, and they provide as-built drawings with port ID so we know where every station port is. Their cable installers are professional, knowledgeable, and focused on providing quality data cable installations.

Data Network Cabling Gettysburg PA offer both analog CCTV security systems, and high end IP Camera solutions. They also install only the best video observation equipment, with security cameras that provide the best images and scalable combination software that allows easy and intuitive access to live and recorded video, on site or distantly, via PC, Mac, smart phones, or tablets. Even what they call their inexpensive security camera systems are comprised of high resolution of 700TL security cameras and DVR/NVRs with a robust feature set and intuitive user interface. Data Network Cabling Gettysburg PA high end systems deploy high resolution megapixel cameras for 1080p images and more, far beyond even the best image prospect in the analog market. Their video scrutiny installers are experienced and curious, and their pricing is very competitive. If we are looking for multiple competitive quotes for a CCTV Security Camera system, make sure to include a proposal from them. We will be glad that we did.

They offer installation and design services for enterprise wireless LAN systems. They can perform both active and passive wireless surveys for our site to determine either how our existing system is performing now, or study how our proposed access points will perform once deployed. Data Network Cabling Gettysburg PA are a commotion Wireless Partner, and offer the full line of enterprise level centrally controlled wireless access point systems by Ruckus. Do we want to save the expense of a full blown pre-installation wireless survey? Send them our floor plans and let they use their predictive software to provide a Wireless LAN proposal and an estimated performance heat map for our facility or campus. 

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