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Tantric Sex and Penis Health - What Can Go Wrong

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Scientists that have hovered over the bouncing beds of thousands of couples suggest that an average sex session lasts for about 7 minutes; and for couples who are pressed for time, some non-essential steps can be skipped, allowing guys to cross the finish line in the time it takes to microwave a packet of popcorn. Sex like this might be efficient, but it might also be over before both partners are fully satisfied and ready to switch gears and go about their daily business.

However, on those occasions when a couple wants to take the time to really enjoy their sensuality, Tantric sex might be the answer, as this technique can allow couples to engage in frisky play for hours before they reach any kind of peak. Those who follow Tantric techniques closely may have an intense experience that just can't be replicated in any other way, but having sex for hours can also be incredibly tough on the penis, and guys might need special penis care to follow up after a lengthy session.

Tantric Done Right

Sex done in the tantric style has little resemblance to a standard bout of furtive coupling. Instead, couples might spend long periods of time engaged in activities that most people would consider loving and sweet, rather than sweaty and sexy. They might:

  • Gaze into one another's eyes without looking away
  • Massage one another
  • Kiss and kiss and kiss
  • Match breathing rates

When the action does start in earnest, couples might continue to emphasize bonding and sweetness, staying physically connected without much thrusting or pushing. The idea is to delay the release for as long as possible, so the orgasm that follows is as intense as it can possibly be.

When it's done properly, tantric sex can be a powerful experience that feels wonderful, and that brings two people close together on an emotional level. The couple may also have the memory of an intense physical release, and that might spur them to commit future acts of joy as quickly as possible.

Tantric Done Wrong

Not all tantric sex is so wonderful, however, and men can be the big losers when couples don't follow the playbook to the letter. Staying connected to a partner for hours might sound fun, for example, but if a partner's attention waxes and wanes, that might mean a man is exposing his penile tissue to the dry, sticky tissues of a bored partner, and small fissures can quickly form in the skin’s surface.

Similarly, couples that take things a bit too fast and furious for hours on end, backing off before orgasm only to return to the thrusting, could also endure tiny tears in their delicate tissues. The penis is just not designed to work for hours, and while the action might not hurt as it moves forward, the damage can become apparent after the fact and in the days that follow.

Healing Up

Preventing overuse injuries means performing tantric sex appropriately, focusing on connection and touching, rather than thrusting and climaxing. But those men who just can't resist a goal-oriented attitude toward sex might benefit from intensive cleanup after sex is through. Soaking penile tissues in cool water can help to reduce swelling, and the water might remove any residual fluids that might dry and further damage skin.

Using a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can also help. The emollient ingredients in these products can soften scarred and damaged skin, allowing it to stay sensitive and responsive to future soft sex touches. The vitamins can also help provide skin with the nutrition needed to knit together after vigorous sex, and since the product is applied topically, there's no need to worry about exposing the gut to ingredients that aren't needed by the body at large. Using a penis health creme can also help with future tantric sex, as the ingredients can make the tool even more responsive and even more capable of delivering pleasure.

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