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Garage Door Repair Brownsburg Tips

by adviandrey

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Most burglars enter the house the same way as the occupants: through the doors. Avoid having entry doors with large areas of glass, because it is easy for a prowler to break the glass and reach in to unlock the door. Ordinary cylindrical or keyed locks can be turned out with a pipe wrench or kicked in by a booted foot. For better door security, install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. Deadbolt locks have no exterior knobs, so are more difficult to twist out with a wrench. They also have bolts that extend completely through the door frame and into the jack stud alongside the door. These locks are much more difficult to defeat than a simple cylindrical lock. It is important to hire the best garage door repair Brownsburg professional if something goes wrong with the garage door.

Door Maintenance

Because they are exposed to the weather and heavier traffic, exterior doors require more frequent maintenance than interior doors. The maintenance directions for both interior and exterior doors are the same. First, clean and lubricate locks and hinges at least once a year. Ordinary cylindrical or keyed locks are secured in place with four screws: two screws to join the inside and outside doorknobs, and two screws to hold the face of the lock bolt. To clean the locks, take them apart and flush the mechanisms with an aerosol lubricant/penetrant product. Also, door keys gather dirt and lint from being carried in pocket or purse; use an aerosol lubricant to clean grime from door keys. If the door is sticking, first check to be sure all hinge screws are tight. If a hinge screw is stripped in the screw hole, coat a wooden dowel or wooden golf tee with carpenter s glue, insert it in the screw hole, and use a razor knife to cut off the tee or dowel flush with the jamb. Let the glue set for 24 hours, then drive the hinge screw back into the hole.


If the hinge screws are tight but the wood door is sticking, the door is probably swollen from humidity. Homeownercan prevent the door from absorbing humidity by sealing all the door edges, including the top and bottom rail edges. Use an alkyd sealer to seal the door edges when weather is warm and humidity is low. Check how tightly the lock edge of the door fits against the side jamb. If the door is too tight, sand or plane the lock edge of the door lightly until the door will close. Do not remove too much door stock. If the door is swollen from humidity, there will be too wide a gap between door and jamb when hot, dry weather returns. One common source of air infiltration is between the bottom door rail and the threshold or sill. Install weather stripping, commonly called a door sweep, to seal the crack between the door and sill. Check door weather stripping and replace it if it is worn. Remember that weather stripping not only seals against air loss but also keeps out dirt and insects. For minor garage door repair Brownsburg one does not need to hire a professional but for major service and maintenance professional help is must.

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