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Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese Online with AllMandarin

by allmandarinonline

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As we all know, there are four parts to learning a new language:
listening, speaking, writing, and reading. We can’t say which part is
the most important, but language is a communication tool, so focusing
on speaking is often the best approach.

Let’s talk about learning how to speak Chinese:

1. Recite more words during free time, build your vocabulary, and learn basic sentences

This is the most important step to speak Chinese. Repeat the
vocabulary and sentences you have learned previously; repeat them again
and again. Every day, repeat these words and sentences five or six
times, until you can remember them and use them with ease.

2. Make a study plan.

No matter how many hours you spend learning Chinese each week, you
should read and speak Chinese every day for about half an hour.
Developing good study habits is crucial for future learning.

3. Choose some topics to focus on

When you are in class, take ten minutes to discuss your chosen topic
with your teacher. This process will help you to learn new words and
sentence structures in addition to what you’re already learning.

Where to Learn to Speak Chinese?

AllMandarin is the leading school for learning Chinese online.
You’ll become a fluent Chinese speaker in no time, and you can learn
Chinese online via Skype anywhere you have internet access. You will
have a great time learning Chinese as you follow our new, hands-on
method. In addition, you will also learn important aspects of the
Chinese culture, giving you the knowledge you need to successfully
navigate your way in China.

At AllMandarin, we recognize that each individual has a different
learning style. We specialize in delivering online Chinese courses
customized for each individual who wants to improve their communication
skills. Our Chinese courses enable you to communicate fluently,
effectively, and confidently in Chinese. We are totally flexible and
allow you to focus on a specific area of Mandarin Chinese if you wish,
helping you to gain the most relevant knowledge possible. Your precise
needs and learning objectives will be taken into account as we design
and develop your learning strategy specifically for you.

What kids of Chinese courses provide by Allmandarin?

Kids Chinese: Prepare your children for their future with live online kids Chinese lessons via Skype. Your children will learn to speak Mandarin Chinese from the best native teachers, without having to leave home.

Business Chinese:AllMandarin
caters to all business students by designing lessons that focus on the
needs of each individual student. Due to the vastness of business
Chinese, AllMandarin focuses on the issues that you deal with on a
daily basis.

HSK Test preparation:
The Hàn yǔ shuǐ píng kǎo shì (HSK), or the Chinese Proficiency Test,
is an standardized exam for non-native speakers to measure their
Chinese levels. Our HSK preparation program prepares students for the
HSK test and focuses on learning different skills and strategies
necessary to pass the HSK test. Our professional teachers will select
appropriate HSK-related materials and design the course based on your
actual specific needs and level.

There are some other Chinese courses: Regular Chinese courses,
Survival Chinese courses, Chinese for Teens courses and the Customized
Chinese Course.

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