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5 Ways to Have a Faster Clearance of Shipments

by johnfloyed

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There are certain steps and guidelines that need to be followed when importing ad exporting goods into a country. More often than not, you may hear constant complaints of why some shipments of products are detained at Customs. These delays are usually caused by legalities that customers fail to fulfill. So, how exactly can you ensure a smooth transaction when importing and exporting goods? Are there some tips and tricks that you need to take note of?

1. Hire a Custom Broker

If you are into the import and export business, having a Customs broker may probably be the best decision you will make. This person will essentially help you through the whole shipping process. Whether you have problems with some legalities or regulations, this person will assist you. A Customs broker is licensed by the US Customs and Border Protection. Part of this person’s responsibilities is to handle paperwork and to handle the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) bond of importers.

2. Label and Package Properly

Whether you are the one shipping or receiving the package, it is important to know how to properly label your merchandise. Make sure that your invoice is properly prepared with clear handwriting. For multiple packages, everything must be labeled and a corresponding number should match the list on the invoice.

3. Establish Security Around Merchandise

Be wary of smugglers who may possibly plant narcotics inside your package. If you have a company, make sure to establish a standard security procedure to ensure that you won’t be involved with any smuggling scams. The last thing you want is for your company to be involved with such crimes. The added expense of having security personnel is worth every single penny in the long run.

4. Consolidate Smaller Quantities

With the large influx of good that arrive in ports, there is no doubt that this may be a cause of delay. Some logistics providers usually combine smaller packages with other merchandise for faster border clearance. On the other hand, if this does not happen, small packages will wait in line for individual clearance and inspection.

5. Prepare All Needed Documents

Naturally, if an important document is missing, officials will have to detain your merchandise. Such documents usually include the Commercial Invoice, Bill of Landing, Packing List and Importer Security Filing. Make sure to consult your Customs broker about this, or do a little research on the web about mandatory paperwork.

So ensure your merchandise that need to be cleared at the border to avoid any mishaps with your business, which may eventually lead to poor client relationships. Importing and exporting may be quite tricky, but once you get used to it there is no doubt that transactions will be carried out smoothly. Don’t be worried about those shipping horror stories about detained merchandise that led to a huge company loss. If you just familiarize yourself on the nitty-gritty of the shipping industry, then you can be assured that your goods are in good hands.

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