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Rattan sofa

by bobwickerhouse

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Rattan furniture can add a great new appreciation for that outdoor space or garden you have. A rattan sofa along with some wicker outdoor chairs can be the perfect place to enjoy the morning sunrise and relax in the shade in the afternoon. However, you should consider getting a resin-treated rattan sofa, so that the moisture and heat will not ruin a relaxing place to go in the spring and summer, unless of course you live in Florida (where it is nice most of the year). 

There are many different types of wicker outdoor chairs or outdoor wicker patio sets. Which style of rattan sofa is best for you? The simplest of all material is cane wicker. Some people may not realize that a rattan sofa is essentially made of cane wicker. The cane wicker is simply the raw Asian vine that rattan furniture is made of with the thorns removed. Should you consider having adjustable wicker outdoor chairs or outdoor wicker patio sets? This depends on how much you plan to use your wicker outdoor chairs and if you feel guest will be uncomfortable by chairs or longer chaises that don’t adjust. 

Do you buy steam-bent or Victorian Reed wicker chairs or reproductions?

If you like antiques, having steam-bent wicker chairs in outdoor wicker patio sets may add a touch of charm to any garden. Made in 1840s, steam was used to bend rattan wicker to make furniture. Gentlemen at any garden party you have may enjoy sitting in any Victorian Reed wicker outdoor chairs. These chairs, built around 1900s, were said to be extremely comfortable. 

However, brace yourself for higher prices, as antique wicker may cost more to own than modern day outdoor wicker patio sets or outdoor wicker chairs. These sets also include some rattan furniture makers in the 1920s, who constructed a number of wicker pieces made of a fabricated “paper” wicker. 

If getting an antique rattan sofa is too expensive, you can always buy great-looking reproductions at a fraction of the cost of having antique outdoor wicker patio sets or chairs. Weather may be another problem that may concern wicker sofa owners. If you own an antique rattan sofa or outdoor rattan sets, you can safely protect your outdoor furniture with covers. This way the heavy covering protects your furniture from rain and snow.

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