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Business directory is a printed or website of listing of information which list of all the businesses within same category. Businesses can be categorized by activity, location, and size and most commonly used by type of business. Business may be compiled either by automatic online search software or manually.

Provided detail in business directory may vary from business to business, the directories were initially started for telephone number purpose. Most of us might have seen traditional thick phone book which consists of many numbers categorized by alphabetic wise.

The only difference between traditional telephone directory and business directory is telephone directory consist only numbers but business directories consist information regarding business. Business directories are available online too. This directories include business name, telephone number, address, location, type of service and product the business provide, numbers of employees, any professional association or service region and etc.

Directories nowadays have added new section for feedback, reviews, and comments. Business directories initially were started in a printed format but later on it was upgraded to website due to the major use of internet.

Many business directories have moved away from printed format to internet. As internet is one of the most used platforms these days. Business directories now often have search facility.

Sales leadis an identification of a person or entity which has authority and interest to purchase services and or products. This step is the first step of sales process. Lead generation is referred as identification of sale lead, a process conducted by either sales or marketing organization.

This lead may have business or corporation association. Sales lead is kind of generic lead i.e. a person sign up for type of offer instead of particular brand or company. It comes from either lead generation company process such as internet marketing, direct marketing, advertisement, gimmick, trade shows and etc., or from sales person prospecting activities such as making connection through social networking or cold calling.

When buying internet leads from a marketing company, wide range of different products are there depending upon how the leads are sold or companies policies. Social networking sites are being increasingly used by companies so as to prospect identification such as twitter, Facebook, Google+ pinterest and etc. are providing insight to prospect client.

There are many marketing companies providing sales lead. Advertisement and social networking sites are majorly used platforms for sales lead. Businesses nowadays are using marketing process for companies benefit. This step has now become most important step of sales process.

Business directories and sales lead are two major platform used by the business companies. Businessmen’s are nowadays are using these way to promote their product and services. These two way has always helped one’s business in sales process.


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