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Ways to RDAP Sentence Reduction

by anonymous

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The Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) is a program the Bureau of Prisons has established for inmates that eligible. It offers up to 1 year off if completed, but basically is less. There's lots of restrictions to if you entitled to the program, such as - no violent felons, must of used drugs, committed rape and so on. RDAP sentences are usually lengthy, and with having to serve all nearly all of your time it will generally be a long slow sentence. Nevertheless, there are some ways to RDAP sentence reduction.

  • It all depends on the crime that was committed, but a RPAD sentence can be reduced because of good behavior. A good prison consultant would also help with reducing the sentence.


  • You will need to consult a professional RDAP sentence reduction expert to make sure and to help you in doing this sort of thing. A prison consultant focuses on all of the things to consider for RDAP sentencing at the very beginning of a Residential Drug Abuse Program.
  • Another great way is Good Time. This is given to all prisoners is they have good behavior. It strengthens a RDAP sentence reduction.


Consult with Prison Consulting Group for RDAP Sentence Reduction

There are prison consulting organizations out there that offer prison consultation services that help in getting you co-operation with the BOP. They can almost do everything for you, and avoid you the risk and hazards related to doing so. Prison Consulting Group is a reliable resource to have when you are in need of a RDAP Sentence Reduction. Prison Consulting Group can help you through this procedure, particularly assisting do third party co-operation, something attorneys are not as comfortable with and don't really handle. So if you are looking for RDAP sentence reduction, consult with Prison Consulting Group right now.

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