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How Custom Crating Develops the Need for Variable Logistics

by renealuong

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Every item that needs to be shipped elsewhere has its own crate design. Ammo crates need to protect the rounds inside from moisture with a rubber gasket; bicycles need to be secured in a thin box; soda bottles are stored in individual cells of a plastic crate. That's why there's hardly a universal design for a logistics-worthy crate set in stone.

Logistics companies often employ custom crating services for proper handling and transport of various goods. It's not as simple as putting different things inside one box; between a fresh Harley and a brand new smartphone in the same box, the latter would get crushed in a mishap. Security of the goods is no less important in carrying items where they need to go. For that, you need to get a bit creative with their crates.

Even the military uses different wooden crate designs to transport their ordnance. Small munitions like rounds and grenades must be kept in small boxes, which may be stored inside larger boxes containing other supplies. Storing everything in one big box is tantamount to disorganization; it's like mixing every ingredient for a smoothie in the blender in one pass.

The result will be a total mess around the kitchen, as the blender spills the smoothie all over. Using a wide range of crates for logistics ensures the safety and organization of the goods being delivered, no matter where or when. Small items won't get lost in a stack of bigger ones or be damaged by them in the process.

Fulfillment also contains its own variables. With different types of crates being used in shipping, there must be a systematic way of storing the crates, not just in terms of product safety. In addition, crates must be prepared to move from various fulfillment warehouses at a moment's notice. This also entails having different transportation methods for keeping a steady supply line to and from the warehouses.

Just imagine that these various services come from the fact that no two crate designs are alike. If you like to know more about custom crating, you can go to

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