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Zero Source Code Mobile App Integration

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Rhomobile is an open-source framework developed by Motorola. It is popularly used to build native applications which can run on any device, fit into any screen size. Rhomobile’s RhoConnect 3.0 is the latest version, universal mobile application integration server which brings new easy ways to design apps and operations to many IT enterprises and businesses. It can easily handle backend business data at a faster speed with its latest upgraded version. Developers can use mobile development framework or SDK to instantly integrate data from any source to any smartphone or tablet. It also uses NoSQL and “native” smartphone push technologies. With RhoConnect, one can simultaneously connect current application to many data sources just as easily as they can connect to one data source which includes enterprise back-end customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning, web services, databases and much more. RhoConnect updates RhoMobile applications with added new fields very easily.

Some essential features which makes RhoConnect unique:

1. Manage back-end changes: RhoConnect is an open-source framework allows new information to be added to any backend business application – without requiring to modify RhoElements applications. With the help of data sync, any new fields will automatically appear in the correct application. With this development, time is saved, but wont change in a backend system where RhoElements applications protects application performance.

2. Fast and easy scaling: RhoConnect is the first mobile integration server to use the modern “NoSQL” approach to data storage instead of the typical relational database. So as the volume of data in business systems grows, purchasing faster servers and more memory are scaled up, one can simply store data in the available space on many servers from any location.

3. Improve data synchronization: A sophisticated synchronization engine tracks the data that is on each device automatically identifying and synchronizing the data that has changed on both mobile devices and backend application servers instead of entire databases where users are offline,. The synchronization is completely transparent to users and minimal data is exchanged during synchronizing activities which protects the performance of the application and wireless network.

4. Zero-touch integration: RhoConnect plug-ins can be easily plugged to any programming language be it .Net, Ruby on Rails, or Java and RhoConnect does the rest. The plug-ins make the appropriate data connections where zero touch is given.

What makes it work faster?

NoSQL using Redis used for higher performance and scalability. SAP, Siebel, Oracle, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, WebServices and many more support backend. Server Plugins used for zero code integration are .NET , Java, Ruby on Rails.

RhoMobile is the only open source Rhodes framework which uses MVC (Model View Controller) to the development of native Smartphone apps. It allows apps to be more maintainable. It handles writing apps with common business logic but widely diverse user interfaces for different devices, in the views. This open source nature of Rhodes insures quality and continued development. The community contributes many solutions, fixes for issues and suggestions for features. Other enterprise mobility platform gives an opportunity for quality control by a wide community. It also removes the opportunity for the community to be quite as engaged on feature suggestions and the future development of the platforms.

RhoConnect 3.0 does this in two ways. First by shipping source adapters for all major CRM software applications. The new RhoConnect- adapters include source adapters for SugarCRM, SalesForce, Oracle CRM on Demand and Microsoft Dynamics. Adapters are used for all of the major objects such as Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Tasks and Opportunities. Over time more adapters are added for other backend applications which include service applications also.

RhoConnect’s new capabilities provides out of the box features such as server plugins, source adapters, client libraries etc. With this popular platform mobile data synchronization is much easier, faster and more scalable than any of the other aging MEAP platforms that offers synchronization today. You can hire developers from top mobile app development companies in India to help you create mobile apps which appeals to your users.

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