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Be safe with Anti-Slip flooring

by anonymous

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Floors are integral part of any house, an office lobby or deck floor near ports and banks etc. These days we find a new type of floor found in the market called the anti-slip floors. These anti-slip flooring are being preferred by many, because of the great advantages these have for the buyers. The advantages of anti-slip floors are many. They are resistant to corrosion, high on strength, low in weight and you do not need to think much about it maintenance. They also have authentic wood like look, decorative, safe even when there is high traffic and keeps you safe in greasy and wet surroundings also. These anti-slip floors are preferred in houses too, where you find elderly people staying and children are there. These floors help you in some ways to reduce the risk of injury by falling down after an accidental slip. 

The application of these anti-slip floors can be seen across various industries. You can find them in industries, as they are made of fibreglass which is very strong corrosive resistant, which is needed in oil and gas plants and manufacturing units. They can be seen in use in the decks, walkways, stairways and access ramps for accessing a place on an alleviated platform. These anti-slip floors can be seen more frequently in water utilities, as trench covers for water treatment plants, because it suits the best in these sectors because of it properties. You may find them increasingly in use in the malls, nursing homes, fast food joints, office buildings and schools and colleges. There are several companies in the market providing such anti-slip floors at your door step. You just need to make a call and place an order. These companies provide you variety of such products. They open meshes like mini meshes, macro meshes and standard ones, safety products like conventional mechanical fixings to secure the stair tread covers and silicon carbide grits applied on top of a surface to get the anti-slip effect.  You can also avail solid top panel, which can be used as a trench cover, pedestrian and vehicle access. 

These companies are providing these anti-slip floors with warrantee of 2-3 years and you can buy them just by a click of the mouse. The producers claim that these products can last up to an extended life of 25 years. These companies have blogs and testimonials depicting the various success stories of the company.  You can surely go through these blogs and reviews of the customers to get an idea of these company’s services and products. They accept credit cards and master cards, so you can buy them online but prior to that the suggestion would be to first have a pilot study of the market. That will help you to take the final call. You may call the customer services executives of these companies, who are every ready to help you and place an order. We bet, you wont regret. These floors are surely worth the money invested to them. They will pay off more than invested in the long run.

DeckSafe Solutions Ltd is a firm based in Essex, U.K, providing anti-slip flooring to various varied industrial sectors since 20 years. They have a rich experience of offering variety of anti-slip flooring prepared by CAD.

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