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Roach Treatment: Taking the Fight to the Roaches

by bridgetteadair

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Cockroaches are getting smarter; recently, news outlets reported how these crawlies managed to outwit a sweet trap and render it useless. There may come a time when even that insecticide can won't have any effect against newer generations of roaches. That's why science needs to be a step ahead of the insects' remarkable ability to adapt to any environment.

Cockroaches are everywhere; there's no place in the world cockroaches can't adapt to, save for the polar regions. There's always bound to be an army of them; take one down and more will take its place soon enough. If cockroaches keep coming back, you need to take the fight to them; take effective roach treatment right at their lair.

The first step in getting rid of cockroaches is to knowing them. There are as many species of roaches in the insect kingdom as there is stars in the sky, but the most common ones include the German, American, and brown-banded species. They love to live in warm, moist places where there's food to sustain them for as long as they need.

To pinpoint their source, look for signs like droppings, cast skins, and even dead roaches. These signs indicate their hideout isn't far; after all, if there are food scraps nearby, there's no need for them to search far for food. Cracks and crevices in walls are the most common hideouts for the roaches, and these walls also serve as their passage to go from room to room.

Once you've pinpointed their location, call an exterminator to bring the full might of his business to the roaches' doorstep. Meanwhile, keep cockroaches from re-infesting your home simply by keeping the house clean. They won't look for food in places where there's not a crumb on the floor. As they're associated with filth all the time, a clean home makes perfect sense.

If you want to know more about dealing with your cockroach problem, the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment has some useful tips at The above tips can also be useful for effective flea treatment. Remember, it's critical to deal with this pesky problem at an early stage before these roaches or fleas multiply even more.

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