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Top 5 Reasons To Go For Dedicated Server Hosting


If you are totally new to the field of server hosting services then first of all it is necessary to know what dedicated server hosting is. In dedicated hosting the owner of the website can take on lease a server where only his or her website is hosted. The benefit of such hosting is that there is more flexibility and also control on the hosting server. Additionally, you as website owner have the option to select the operating system as well as necessary hardware on your own.


In the following sections we will look at various features of dedicated hosting in Dubai and also the advantages of choosing this form of web hosting. Let us start by going through features of dedicated web hosting.


Dedicated Web Hosting – Features


  1. Ability of executing any kind of web applications.
  2. Higher security as compared to other type of hosting such as shared hosting.
  3. Easy management of high traffic volume by proper use of bandwidth and superior connectivity.
  4. Ideal option for websites with e-commerce functionality.


5 Reasons to Select Dedicated Hosting


In this next section we will look at top 5 advantages of using dedicated hosting which have made it a popular option to select.


  1. Greater Flexibility: In dedicated server hosting the site owner gets his or her own server thus providing lot more flexibility than available in shared hosting. The second thing is that the bandwidth on the server is not used by any other site so your website’s performance is not hampered.
  2. Better Security: There is higher security for your site in dedicated website hosting since only those applications which are used by your site are present on the server so there is no risk of threat from applications used by other sites as is the case in shared hosting where applications used by all sites are resident on the same server.
  3. Higher Bandwidth: In dedicated hosting you can easily manage any traffic increase due to availability of higher bandwidth. All the bandwidth available on the server is for your use only and you can change the system settings as per requirement. This type of flexibility is not present in shared hosting where an increase in traffic flow on any other site will eat up the bandwidth and effect performance of other sites hosted on the same server including yours.
  4. Superior Scalability: Scalability is easier since you can upgrade any time based on site traffic requirements. Additionally, in case of dedicated hosting the customer support you receive is a lot better and all problems are looked at and solved quickly.
  5. Website SEO: If you are using share web hosting then the server is shared by other sites apart from yours and it is a possibility that some of the other sites are considered as link farms by the top search engines. In shared hosting you will have to share IP’s C class with the other sites on the same server and thus may affect your site’s ranking in search engines. On the opposite since server space is not share with anyone in a dedicated hosting; your site is safe from such risk. Page load time is an important factor nowadays in search engine optimization and with dedicated server hosting there is no constraint on bandwidth and your site loads quickly on all browsers.

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