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Application of clinical application of gingival retraction

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(A) prepare front tooth skull can reduce gingival Preparatory subgingival shoulder when adjacent soft tissue injury and bleeding, subgingival tooth preparation to provide a good space and visibility. Clinical practice: the conventional body to complete the required tooth preparation, leaving only the subgingival preparation of the site,woodpecker ultrasonic scaler suppliers,placing gingival retraction cord. Because of the soft tissue around the tooth pushed away, reducing the car inside for free gingival epithelial injury opportunities, but because placed in the bottom of the gingival sulcus retraction cord, attached to the protection of the ditch is extremely beneficial epithelium, thereby preventing the teeth due to improper preparation caused by gingival atrophy and bleeding. When there is inflammation, easily bleeding gums, it will affect the assessment of subgingival preparatory body, such as the shoulder outside corners, subgingival depth, into the retraction cord and with some hemostatic agent can help stop bleeding. Completed in accordance with conventional edge subgingival tooth preparation, so that the shoulder is located subgingival 0.5-1.0mm.woodpecker ultrasonic scaler piezo,Gingival 10-15 minutes later, before the removal in modulo retraction cord.


(2) modulo front gingival help us get a clearer impression and model. If you work on the model unrecognizable soft tissue boundaries, modify generations to retain too much shoulder type, resulting in the formation of subgingival restorations overhang,woodpecker ultrasonic scaler uds-p,will lead to gingival atrophy; remove excess if the shoulder, the shoulder prosthesis to the station at the lack of subgingival , and prone to cause spongy gingival hyperplasia, gingival bleeding.


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