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Best Diet Tips for Slimming

by yuyuyu

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Listed below are 20 best diet tips for slimming.
1. Eat more frequently but less. Eat at least 5 times a day.

2. Eat more fruits. This facilitates the process of weight loss.

3. Drink before the meal. Before meal drink 1 cup of tomato juice or mineral water. This way you can reduce your appetite and eat about 1 / 3 less than the normal portion.

4. Apples. Apples are the ideal food. They soothe the nerves, fills your stomach, improve digestion. One apple before a meal is enough.

5. Limit salt. Salt holds water in the body. Instead of salt, try to use spices. In addition, the salt is already contained in all products.

6. Try to walk quickly and as much as possible.

7. As much as possible go walking in the fresh air. Oxygen and sunlight activates metabolic processes in the body.

8. 1-2 times a week, throw a fasting days: apple, pineapple. If you have to withstand hunger, try these days to drink only water.

9. Try to avoid stressful situations.

10. Do physical exercises, special emphasis on gymnastic exercises, which strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, waist and chest.

11. Eat only when hungry.

12. Eat breakfast daily. Many people, weight loss and maintain their weight, have in common is that he daily breakfast.

13. Add protein to each meal. This will help you feel more saturated long periods of time, and you will not overeat.

14. Try not to think about food.

15. Plan your meals. Make sandwiches with low fat products.

16. Eat as much fish – it has fewer calories than meat.

17. After eating, drinking tea with mint – it helps digestion.

18. Eat less bread and sweets.

19. Eat more dark chocolate, because it contains 11 percent less fat than milk chocolate.

20. Give up sugar and white flour products, which are pure calories.

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