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3 Things to Consider when Buying Pet Clothes

by sammillendo

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Unlike humans who are fashion addicts, dogs don’t care about the appearance of the clothes you’ll put onto them. Unless your dog faints the moment he sees designer pet products, here’s the list of things pets will like for a dress, more than its design. So that next time you shop them new clothes, you’ll have these to think over.


1.   If the kind of materials used suit their skin type— When choosing dog clothes, you may want to consider the type of skin your dog has. Ask your vet or study your dog’s behavior. Does he itch a lot in a leather or synthetic type than in cotton? If yes, then better get cotton type of material when buying them a new dress. Just explore different kinds of clothing materials to know the best type that makes your dog comfortable.


2.   If the clothing item fits them— Of course, just like us humans, dogs also get irritable when the piece of clothing is too big or too small for them. You might as well get your dog bared if putting clothes onto them means they would have hard time breathing or they would have difficulty the entire time trying to avoid on stepping over their clothes.Surely, you’ll get a lot of barking or rolling over the carpet for this. So I suggest that on your next visit to boutique for pets, bring them along and see if they can move freely before paying for that Swarovski Denim Jacket.


3.   If it’s lighter— Whether you like it or not, your dogs won’t get easily at ease with clothes on. Hence, your next best move is to dress them on lighter clothes. The more that it seems that they don’t wear anything, the better. But don’t fret; this is just a process that you have to go through until they’re used to it. After some time, surely, you can wrap your dogs up on heavier clothing.


There you have it. The list of things that you can look into before buying that designer clothing that you and your pet dog can be happy about.  Not only that you’ll have that satisfaction looking at your fashionable dog, but also you’ll be at ease knowing that your dog is comfortable at the clothing you donned him.  How about you? Do you have something to add on the list? Please let us know in the comments below.


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