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Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the recent and arguably one of if not the best smart phone in the market today. The phone is sold with an outstanding collection of features and abilities that turn the phone into an extremely enjoyable experience for the user.


Users are able to surf the net, listen to their favourite music, watch their favourite videos and keep in-touch with the rest of the world on different social media platforms. All the above features and many more have been made possible by the phone’s small but long lasting battery life.


Since a high number of people use this device, the S4 accessories in the market today are quite many. These accessories have been created to help users meet all their needs. One such accessory is the Samsung battery charger, it is a dock charger that makes it possible for smart phone enthusiasts swiftly power up their phone and can synchronize it at the same time.


The charger comes in a USB cable format that can be connected to a computer, the USB adapter in the dock is then plugged in and the charger starts working. If users don’t want to plug the cable to the computer, the charger features an AC charger that can be mounted on any wall socket and the user can charge the phone.


iPhone 5 Battery and Battery Charger


A big number of Apple’s iPhone 5 users that do not use their phones (iPhone 5) with contracts have battery complaints. The complaints are based on the fact that the unlocking process leaves a few backend procedures that continue to run and drain the battery rather quickly. These backend processes reduce the battery life and back up time.


If you want to keep your iPhone 5 charge, lasting a longer time that it is, below are some of the latest charging techniques. You can buy a portable battery charger one that you will use to charge your iPhone anywhere you please.


Since you cannot replace the battery because it has been securely locked inside the iPhone, you should look for a Lopedo iPhone 5power case which is a high capacity external battery capable for delivering 2600mAh charge that will keep your battery running for more than 24hrs without any charging with built-in protective case.


Or you can choose a small but powerful 3000mAh Lopedo Portable Battery Charger Stick that will charge your iPhone 5 and many other mobile with supplied connectors. TheLopedo portable battery charger have a high capacity 3000mAh rechargeable battery cell which can be re-charge over 500 cycles, small and light weight with different colour choice, a perfect travel companion to suite everybody needs.


Galaxy S3, Battery, Battery Charger


The Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts of a lot of smart features that are not available in a lot of other smart phones. One feature that stands out of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the ability to read a text message and you feel like you want to immediately call the person who sent the text, you simply lift up the handset to your ear and your phone will automatically dial that number, you will not need to press anything on the screen.


The Galaxy S3 has an in-built proximity sensor that is attached to an advanced motion sensor.


The Samsung S3 battery stands at 2100mAh. This means, the phone’s battery allows for longer battery life. The phone has been integrated with wonderful power management techniques that allow the long battery life.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 phone was the first phone introduced in the world that can be charged through wireless charging. You can get the wireless charger separately. All you have to do is put the phone on the charger and through resonance technology your phone will be charged without having to plug it into a charger.


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