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With one of the best climates in the country, everyday is always the perfect time to go cruising around in your top down in San Diego City. It's never too hot or cold here in the cradle of California State, so it's not a surprise to see people always driving off to beaches, and malls. Still, one thing to always look out for when driving is your tires, if you don't want a blowout to happen at the worst of times. Real life is a whole lot more dangerous than Fast and the Furious shows, and it really pays to keep tire safety in mind.


That said, there are a few tips car-owners can follow to ensure their wheels are completely road-worthy. It never hurts to be careful, after all, and tire safety doesn't even take too much of an effort. Here are three basic things to remember for your San Diego wheels.


Do regular maintenance.


This goes not only for cars but also for houses and other equipment. After all, checking is the only way to make sure that something is in good condition. For tires, look at wear, alignment, pressure, and other signs that might tell you that you're up for a change soon. At the same time remember that you don't just change one or two tires as you see fit. For that, on to the next  point. 


Balance them out.


Tires should always be replaced as full sets or matching pairs. This way, you get better balance while driving and are at less risk for accidents. Having said this, don't be so quick to buy those wheels, because a rotation might still suffice. Tire rotations are done to make sure that all tires are receiving the same stress and the same wear and tear, so have your tires rotated regularly following your owner's manual, like every 6000 miles.


Drive safely.


Being a road hog is a surefire way of eventually landing in a San Diego auto parts or repair center. To avoid  burning out your tires and replacing them sooner and more often, don't drive carelessly especially on rough roads.  This has a bonus of you getting less tickets and getting into fewer confrontations with other drivers.


Tire safety is an often forgotten but no less serious matter that car-owners should always keep to heart. For more information, go to


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