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Used truck dealer Houston TX – Truck Sales

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Truck dealer Houston TX

Truck dealer Houston TX dealers are located in Houston Texas.  Their philosophy is to bring the best possible price to their customers on trucks in an ever-changing marketplace.  They are a business with over years of experience.  Let them help us to find the truck we need. Truck dealer Houston TX has been serving the trucking industries for over years. Their success through the years can be attributed to their prominence on quality service and support after the sale and their ability to offer personalized service to their customers.

They invite us to stop by their call if we have any questions about any of the trucks they have for sale. Most of their business have repeated customers, they have earned their trust so let them earn for us and ours. Truck dealer Houston TX is designed for the customer wanting a high end Signature Series used trucks. These trucks have gone through the testing and requirements to meet the standard set for them. These trucks have all the bells and whistle and lots of chrome

Truck dealer Houston TX is one of the largest pre-owned independent used truck dealerships in Texas. Convoy is their specialty, any size and anywhere.  Their philosophy is offer the best possible price to their customers on trucks in an ever-changing marketplace. They can also help us with our financing needs. Their concentration is on the purchasing of heavy duty trucks and working with truck dealers and truck fleets across the nation in purchasing their trade packages.  They are sure to have just what we are looking for in a top quality pre-owned truck.  Their showroom has a wide range of trucks on display. They are conveniently located at Houston, Texas.

Top Shelf Trucks are designed to meet the demands of their customers who are looking to purchase Top, High-End used trucks. Through the years, the customer bases has moved away from the fleet type trucks and are now looking for trucks that have all the bells and whistles. Henceforth, Truck dealer Houston TX developed the name of Top Shelf Trucks. Listening to their customers, they have developed this signature series that has all the requirements. These trucks were purchased from all over the nation and then brought back to their store in Houston. They have been checked out by their buyers and run through the shop. Uni-Fleet, the largest area of growth of their company has been their small to medium fleets. Truck dealer Houston TX works with the fleet owners across the nation to meet their requirements for trucks. These are the fleet owners who have more than 3 to 25 trucks. These fleets already have their own financing or it can be easily arranged through captive financing.

Dump Trucks have been a strong area for their dealership. Designed abandon trucks for the single operator to the large construction fleets. They have built dump trucks from single axles to large earthmovers. With all of the dump truck body builders in Texas, they have designed dump trucks and have sold them all over the nation for all dump truck applications. With over years of truck sales, they have the ability to build a dump to meet our requests. Truck dealer Houston TX has their customers fly in from all over the country to make their purchases.


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